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  • You made a "good post" comment to me about my comment I made in the thread league woes. It was a thread about what can a team captain do to help his team get better before next year when they have to move up in divisions.
    Thanks, I just think its awesome a person wants to help his teammates out and improve there game by actually practicing rather than playing games.

    Thanks again,
    Hi Zy112,

    Thanks for asking about Team CSI in Ohio this coming April. please contact Mark Cantrill for information details about the pool school cost and exhibition information. Mark can be reached at 480-612-7732.

    Best Regards,
    after you play with a lomax jumpper, you will forget all the other jump cues, no bs they are that good. you never see them (at least I havent) for sale used, you will not only hit the side of the ball you w-with little effortant you will make alot more balls(assuming thats your plan) if your trading safties you need to hit the OB accurately and with a lomax you can with little effort.

    let me know if I can help.


    eric aka Fatboy
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