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lorider 06-26-2019 01:48 PM


Originally Posted by Maniac (Post 6426631)
As yet another example, liken it to a baseball game. It is not yet an inning until both teams have batted.

You're welcome. :thumbup:


I was multi tasking and my last post probably confused him even

He is correct that i did not run 22 balls in one trip to the table. My statement is correct according to how we score 9 ball.

Begin with the magic rack..

Scoresheet will show me 10 points...that's 9 balls. Opponent 0 and 1 inning.

Next rack will show me 10 points ...again 9 balls. Opponent 0 and 0 innings b& r

Next rack will show me 4 points...that's 4 balls ....opponent 0 and 0 innings.

So that is a total of 22 balls in 1 inning according to the scoresheet. The last inning was never completed before the match was stopped and therefore not marked on the scoresheet. Hope that clears things up hang.

ceebee 06-28-2019 01:15 PM

The Break Shot.

Originally Posted by 9andout (Post 6425021)
I haven't tried it. It's a little pricey but.....
I think the "Break Rack" was / is a great product.

Well, here is the TRUTH, a Break Cue won't teach you anything. But a Training Aid, that has been around for 19 years, can & is guaranteed to please you or your money back. We have many, many BreakRAKs out there, that are 19 years old & still doing well for someone. If you happen to break it, we repair it at no charge.

It's about repetition in any physical action (s) you are trying to learn.. The more methodical repetitions in structured sessions, the more skill you will have.

Good Luck...

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