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upstateAL 11-04-2019 06:34 PM

THE MATCH OF THE CENTURY Nov. 7,8 and 9th, 2019
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The camera setup has begun in Sterling VA at First Break Cafe.

Shane VanBoening VS Dennis Orcollo

this will be a PPV make sure you’re onboard with this match. Purchase your early bird special at

wblake 11-05-2019 02:19 PM

What time does the action start each day?

jeephawk 11-05-2019 07:41 PM

Where's the brackets? Where's the entry list? :wink:

Just kidding based on the recent thread, lol.

Seriously, it would be good to know start times - a lot to plan around over three days to figure out whether I go day by day or get the whole package.

upstateAL 11-05-2019 10:52 PM

Starts Approx. 6pm EST.

jeephawk 11-06-2019 05:49 AM

Thanks! :smile:

jasonlaus 11-06-2019 03:31 PM

What happend to the thread for available seating?

8cree 11-06-2019 05:09 PM

Will there be an overhead camera view?

benny-the-blade 11-06-2019 08:23 PM


Originally Posted by upstateAL (Post 6512627)
Starts Approx. 6pm EST.

Saturday’s start time will be 4:00 pm EST.

upstateAL 11-06-2019 08:59 PM

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The 6 camera's are in place, the ppv live stream has been tested. We are ready to roll !!

Get your PPV pass fast at

bicki 11-07-2019 06:12 PM

Who is doing the commentary? Shane's break is just incredible. Will be super hard for Dennis to outplay that.

jeephawk 11-08-2019 04:55 AM

Thanks for the stream!

One of the commentators seemed to be on a self-indulgent stream of consciousness for most of the night - sounded like a really nice guy but jeez, every single second of air time doesn't have to involve his voice - really enjoyed it late when he got a burger, but seemed like two bites and it was gone and off to the races again, lol.

No issues with the stream, can't believe I stayed up and watched the whole thing but it was worth watching.

upstateAL 11-08-2019 11:00 AM

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DAY 2 Shane Leads 40 to 29 Race to 120

Starts at 6pm EST Friday Nov. 8th, 2019

The most feared player in the philippines !! Dennis Orcollo

The USA number 1 player !! Shane VanBoening


Get your ticket now at

Good Sam 11-08-2019 04:09 PM

Thanks for the replay this morning.

raistlinsdragon 11-08-2019 04:42 PM

I agree Roberts is terrible, I'm watching it with the sound off. If he does the next ppv I will skip it.

jeephawk 11-08-2019 06:52 PM

Commentary seems a little "less" today, at least so far, enjoying it.

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