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TEAM SLO 11-23-2018 10:04 AM

For us to play at home, the newer Roku is much more table friendly. Makes much less mess, we used to clean our table and balls almost everytime we would practice. Some chalks leave so much on the table and cue ball it was crazy if your getting in significant practice.

Now with the Roku, it's much cleaner, ball cleaner gets used once a week or so depending on how much practice my son gets in. Take a cue, chalk it with regular chalk, and tap the shaft and watch how much comes off in a dust cloud.

Not saying its the be all end all but my son wont use anything else now. And for me... im tired of racking for him, setting up shots every few seconds.... and on top of it all, the cleaning and maintenance of the table and balls. Roku does its job for us....

My name is Jay and I approve this message :thumbup::thumbup:

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