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jayburger 05-28-2016 10:05 AM

Larry Vigus cue
I just received a 60 inch ( i think this is standard for Larry) 6 point cue used , but in good condition. Cue was signed and dated on buttcap in 2013. I knew nothing about Larrys cues except that he uses flat faced ,big pins(i thought they were 3/8 11 but after trying to use 3/8 11 joint protectors , found out he actually uses 3/8 10 lol) i am very much a fan of flat faced,wood to wood joints with big pins and crisp ,stiff hits. Also like old school kin dried shafts with that "ping" when you hit with them.(southwest,bluegrass, and rick howard being my favorites). With that being said, i also grew up ,like most of us playing with a meucci cue and i came to like the pro taper but you can,t have that crisp hit that i love and have a long pro style taper(at least i didn,t think so) i bought this vigus with no pictures of the shaft or tip/ ferrule. When it came it has a short(lower deflection? Short ferrule, maybe 1/2 inch or 5/8ths or so. I don,t know if all of his cues are made this way or even if this shaft is his standard taper, but all i can say is this cue plays awesome. I get the crisp,sharp hit that i love with ( has that "sound" wish i could describe it, but you old school players know what I'm talking about.) i have sworn by southwest forever and I still do,but if you ever get a chance to get a vigus DO IT. This might be my new favorite cuemaker(now if i can just get him to build me a cue as he is not taking orders lol)

Str8PoolPlayer 06-26-2017 05:02 AM

Larry Vigus is a Premier Cue Maker. His Cues look great and play great.
They are few and far between on the 2nd hand market and he doesn't
take orders.

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