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Blue Hog ridr 11-14-2016 10:33 AM

Yayyyyy for me.
I passed my Canadian PAL yesterday with flying colors. I did have previous Fire Arm experience, so made it easier than it already was. I mean, to a certain extent, they made it so easy, that one would have to be a huge dummy for failing.

They did teach the most important parts of Fire Arms and Fire Arm Safety so don't want to make it sound like they were selling Licenses, because they weren't. They were just very competent Instructors who were very thorough, yet took their time to go over everything and answer questions.

They told us at the beginning, a persons ability to pass the test would depend on how good you were at taking notes.

Yet, even tho I did have experience, I left with 100% more knowledge and confidence than when I walked in.

I could see that a few were fairly uncomfortable as they had zero previous experience.
And it is like many other things, if a person if fairly new to any given subject, certain things can feel more daunting than they really are.

I did have what we called an FAC previously. But, I let it lag and never renewed it as I had the fire arms that I wanted at the time. So, even tho I still have a couple of rifles, I wasn't legal until I renewed my license, so felt the need to do that as part of the deal.

Canada scrapped our Gun Registry Law after they spent a couple of Billion on it, and found that it wasn't quite working as they had planned anyway.

I was able to get a nice deal on a 1977 Winchester Model 70 7mm from a friend of a friend.

I am going to refinish the stock as it is dinged up a bit. I am not sure that I like the floor plate on this model. But, that will depend on the cost of a magazine kit if even still available. It likely won't be a problem as it is only a minor pain when unloading, and it isn't like you're doing it 50 times a day.

I had decided that considering the cost of meat these days, that a deer and maybe a portion of a moose would help out a bit. At one time, it was a sport that did or could cost more than the price of meat that you were putting on the table. Now days, it is quite the opposite.

After all, it was a Hobby, and they can cost money. I can also see where I am going to like going to the range just as much.

The cost of 7mm ammunition is considerably higher than other shells. The guy also has reloading equipment for sale but at the time, wasn't sure on the selling price.
I am waiting to see what he wants for it. It would be older equipment so want to see what brand it is before I get overly excited.

We are limited in town to 2 places, and Cabelas is quite pricey in supplies. That makes the actual savings not that much.

I will be taking the restricted test next Sunday as there is considerable savings if one applies for both at the same time. So may as well take it.

I have never fired a hand gun and don't know if I have the inclination to buy one. Just don't have a lot of time in the Summer, and the one, 2 lane indoor range is quite crowded in the Winter months. It would be different if Canadian Laws weren't so strict and a person could take a 22 outdoors and shoot it where they like in the Country.

It was stated that the majority of Gun Deaths in Canada were due to suicides, so people are figuring a way to do it with, or without hand guns anyway.

The figures for hand gun offences, or guns in general in the commission of a crime in Canada is very small, and I doubt that it has much to do with our strict laws, as Criminals will always find hot guns or use rifles.

I don't see our Gun laws changing and likely won't, so kind of seems, more hassle than what it is worth.

So, just had to tell youse guys as I am kinda pumped about all of it, and I know we have quite a few gun enthusiasts in NPR.

I just hope that I don't eventually get another Hobby addiction like Fishing and Tying Flies and so on.

Chopdoc 11-14-2016 10:34 AM


Glad to hear it!


measureman 11-14-2016 01:52 PM

You have guns?
Now the Donald will build a wall on the Canadian/US border to keep the gun toting Canadians from invading.
Wait maybe its the other way around?

measureman 11-14-2016 01:55 PM

You should come to Colorado.
You can easily buy guns and pot (both legal)and go off into the mountains get high and bang away.

overlord 11-14-2016 04:00 PM

Wild game is low in fat and is much better for you than corn fed beef.

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