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Cadillac J 11-06-2019 12:28 AM


Originally Posted by jay helfert (Post 6512605)
I come from an era where we had to be able to put a tip on ourselves. I watched Greg Stevens put one on in the back of his big Caddy.

If my newer V had a big ole' rear end so I could re-tip cues on its wide caboose.

Seriously though people...once you buy the right things that you'll need and start practicing, you'll eventually start getting results until they are just as good as with a lathe.

jay helfert 11-06-2019 01:49 AM


Originally Posted by Banger (Post 6512619)
About 40 years ago, Jack White was putting on his trick shot show at my college. The student he was playing was using a house cue, and the tip was in pretty bad shape. Jack said here, let me fix that tip for you. He pulled out a small pen knife, turned the cue upside down on the rail of the table, and shaved down the mushroomed edges of the tip. He then shaped it up a little, and burnished the edges to nice shine. I don't think it took him more than a minute or two. I can just imagine how many tips he installed by hand, over the years.

I've trimmed down and cleaned up many a tip for well known pros who had no idea how to shape a tip. Usually would take me 5-10 minutes in my garage workshop and they would be amazed when I brought their cue back to them.

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