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ShootingArts 12-06-2018 10:01 PM

NightKap Billiard Room and Eatery in Hammond LA
The NightKap Billiard Room & Eatery is a billiard facility with twelve seven foot Diamonds and one nine footer. They have a full service bar, a pro shop, and a cafe coming. Meantime the cafe area has some comfortable living room type furniture where you can kick back and talk old times or discuss terms for play. The room is to be found at 42309 South Morrison Blvd., Hammond, La 70403.

The room is behind an older motel that is being remodeled as I type. The old truck stop near the place and the current appearance of the motel are deceiving. When you drive around the rear and walk into the NightKap you discover something nice, kinda upscale! It has already been remodeled and some dollars spent. Surprisingly nice after the approach to the place seems a little less than promising. (edit: The motel is coming together nicely now as of 1/28/2019. The whole place looks much nicer. The motel is still a work in progress but showing a lot of promise.)

Once inside the first thing I saw was the nice cafe and bar area. as I pass through there I see the seven foot tables. Excellent condition and cleaned daily I believe. I came in right at opening, 2PM. They close at 2AM. The tables were being cleaned as I walked in the door. Two gentlemen were there and a lady. I spoke to all three. All friendly, and the one I spoke to the longest and talked to about current players and room owners around the state definitely knew the pool scene. When I shifted to old times around the state he was at home there too.

The nine foot table and some more seven foot tables are in a semi-enclosed room off the main poolroom giving a bit of privacy if desired. A wide opening into this area but there is nothing but the tables in there so there should be minimum traffic while you are playing. In both pool areas there seems to be plenty of room around the tables and between them. I believe they have plans for a six by twelve snooker table, maybe one carom table too, I didn't ask about those tables with no pockets, I have enough trouble making balls in tables with pockets!

They are having weekly tournaments now, I suspect they may have larger ones once the place gets rolling. They haven't been open long and have only received their full liquor license recently.

Still a work in progress but judging by what they have done so far, I suspect food will be good and reasonably priced. I saved the best for many of us for last, no smoking indoors! They do have an area outside but city ordinance doesn't allow smoking at any time indoors. This is good for those of us allergic to smoke or that have an intolerance of it for other reasons. Even smokers prefer clean tables and the lack of smoke in eyes playing tournaments or long sessions. Since nonsmoking is a city wide rule it won't hurt business much.

Leave I-55 at exit 28 and while I didn't measure mileage the hall is about a quarter mile east on the left. If you are in Hammond or just passing through on I-55 this is a nice place to take a break and play a little pool.

Seems like good people, good equipment, and a well thought out business plan. We need to support new quality pool halls, all quality pool halls for that matter. This has the makings of a good one.

garczar 12-14-2018 07:14 AM

Here's their FB page: It does look like one nice spot.

ShootingArts 12-17-2018 03:13 PM

I got swept up in the bot chase

Originally Posted by garczar (Post 6286691)
Here's their FB page: It does look like one nice spot.

I got kicked out of facebook, they decided I was a bot. I created a new account called "Lotsa Luck" and they demanded a facial picture to prove I was not a bot. I suppose I could have stolen somebody but instead I sent them a picture of Lotsa Luck from Tumbleweeds. They said it wasn't detailed enough. They might have said the same about mine with a full beard. I said the hell with it, no mo facebook! Their security stinks and I am not inclined to give them a lot of information.

Anyway, the hall is nice, facebook ain't! I need to get down there and play some.


ShootingArts 01-28-2019 08:09 PM

no surprises
I got a chance to spend an hour or two on the nine footer. I knew an outstanding traveling mechanic had set up the table so I wasn't surprised to not see a thread out of place and the table played perfectly as a blue label table should.

Nice to have a place to hit balls without driving several hours to find a decent table. The motel is starting to come together nicely too so the whole place looks a little more upscale to match NightKaps.


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