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deanoc 04-10-2020 08:17 PM

I have 1 piece of the original Balabushka
acrylic in gold
about 1 .2 inches guesstimate

its all I have and I am willing to donate it to anyone wanting to make a nice Balabushka Tribute

post your intentions and I will give it to the best project

just a gift and a little fun


J$Cincy 04-10-2020 08:30 PM

I would love to send it to Larry Vigus and have him add some modern ringwork to it, he could match the colors better than anyone,

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J$Cincy 04-10-2020 08:31 PM

I know hes busy but Id be willing to wait so it would turn out perfect

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deanoc 04-10-2020 08:32 PM

i will give it to larry for you

i hope it works out
i don't think i have ever seen veneers this color
do you want me to ship it to you to be
sure you would like it

everything is free from me

J$Cincy 04-10-2020 09:21 PM

You can ship it to me and Ill reach out to him to see what he thinks about it

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ninjaturtle 04-11-2020 05:33 PM

dean, for me I really have no ideal what it may look like. but I been trying to found myself with the right cue. I like the way the sneaky pete plays. but looking for my forever cue really don't know if im the guy but would love to give it a shot. thanks for taking the time to read. jon adams

MANPUSS 04-19-2020 03:43 AM

id like it to make a cue for my daughter , she is just getting into pool .

ahh missed the above thread post , im guessing you gave to someone .

but thanks for the chance .

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