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NoBull9 05-20-2009 07:21 PM

Help with turni suggestions.
Here's the scoop!
A friend has asked me to start a turni at his local bar every thursday night.
Start time 8pm
Equipment 4 7ft bar box with forestman circle cue balls
The game optional 9ball,8ball, or 10ball
No jump shots period...
Short race, Double elemination race to one on looser side.
Winners side Undecided.
Here's the kicker, the local players want the option of a buy back after there 2nd loss.
If you have a tuni in your area that works well please explain sum details.
Just looking to produce traffic on thursdays and keep most everyone happy.

Neil 05-20-2009 08:28 PM


CreeDo 05-20-2009 10:53 PM

This is a cool way of doing tournaments that a local pool hall does:

Get eight cards, 2 for each table. Get a few jokers too if there's more than 8 people. Every person should be able to draw 1 card.

So you'd have a pair of aces for table one, pair of twos for table 2, etc.

The two guys who draw aces play each other on table one, the two guys who draw twos play each other on table 2, etc.

Anyone who draws a joker gets a bye.

These players match up and the loser reports his loss. That's one 'strike'. Three strikes and you're out. After everyone has finished his game, you draw again and keep repeating this until only 2 people haven't been knocked out. Those 2 play each other until one of them gets 3 strikes and is done.

So it's totally random who plays who, and depending on your luck you could keep getting the same guy or keep getting the strongest player. But despite that small problem it's pretty fun. Everyone has a decent chance. The two strongest guys can keep drawing each other and knocking each other out, giving the weaker guys a decent hope of beating them in the final.

Fun format.

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