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tom haney 11-22-2019 06:42 AM

Some Paid;Some Didn't
My memory of Presidents go back to Ike. Family voted for Ike. We like Ike. But that's all I remember.
The mob played a big part in JFK getting elected. He got by with it.
He screwed every beautiful woman he could. He got by with it.
Bay of Pigs. He got by with it.
LBJ was probably in on his murder. He got by with it.
Pentagon Papers showed JFK, LBJ and Nixon knew the 411 on Nam. They got by with it for various reasons. ( Dead, etc.)
Nixon and Watergate. He didn't get by with it.
Reagan and Iran-Contra. He didn't remember.
Clinton lied about a BJ. He got by with it.
GWB was Cheney's puppet. They got by with it.
Trump's phone call. He'll get by with it.
Guys, I'm sure I left out something. I was brainstorming.
And I'm sure one inclusion will upset you.
Just thought I'd toss a little history in there for you history buffs. :wink:

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