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andresmith 09-22-2019 09:42 AM

Scotch Double 8 Ball
Welcome To The War Room
Scotch Double 8 Ball
Double Elimination
Race 5

Doors Open 11:AM
Start Time 12:00PM

Location: Appeteazers
2348 Lincoln Hwy
Coatesville, Pa

Entry Fee
*Early entry $120 Per Team
**Day of tournament $140 Per Team
*** Includes Fee in entry



*RACKING THE BALLS - a stripe ball in one corner of the rack and a solid ball in the other corner

*SCRATCH ON A LEGAL BREAK - all balls pocketed remain pocketed, exception, the 8 ball, the table is open. PLEASE NOTE Incoming player has cue ball in hand behind the head string

*OBJECT BALLS JUMPED OFF THE TABLE ON THE BREAK - It's a foul and the incoming player has the option of 1. accepting the table in position and shooting, or 2. taking cue ball in hand behind the head string and shooting

*8 BALL POCKETED ON THE BREAK- If the 8 ball is pocketed on the break, the breaker may ask for a rerack or have the 8-ball spotted and continue shooting. If the breaker scratches while pocketing the 8 ball on the break, the incoming player has the option of a rerack or having the 8 ball spotted and begin shooting with ball in hand behind the head string.

*OPEN TABLE - When the table is open it is legal to hit any solid or stripe or the 8 ball first in the process of pocketing the called stripe or solid. However, when the table is open and the 8 ball is the first ball contacted, no stripe or solid may be scored in favor of the shooter. The shooter loses his turn and any balls pocketed remain pocketed, and the incoming player addresses the balls with the table still open.

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Andre Smith

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