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poolcuemaster 01-13-2008 09:23 PM

I had a great time at my third DCC
There is nothing like the DCC for nonstop action and The Action Report guys are making that happen at a much higher level and on top of that they are cool people.

Speaking of cool people ( AZer's )
I met some and missed some and saw some for the second time in this order here are the names.
Jay Helfert
Russ Chewning
Derek Disco
Brianna Billiards--Lee
Bill Porter
Rachel Abbink
Monica Webb
Helena Thornfelt
Tony Crosby
Mark Tadd
Anna Kostanion
Ktown D

Some I missed till next year.

Joey A
Collection Guru

And got to see Easy e again as he and Deadpoked rolled the ring game.

And lastly I missed taken my buddy and Azer Red Suddreth along this year for the ride, it hurt to see him miss so much great pool.


Cornerman 01-13-2008 09:26 PM


Originally Posted by poolcuemaster
Some I missed till next year.

Joey A

How is it possible that you missed

-JoeyA who spent mucho time in the AZBilliards room
- Timberly who works half the time at the InsidePOOL Magazine booth at the entrance of the tournament room
- Cornerman (me) who not only spent half the day at the InsidePOOL booth, but as spent over 60 hours at the tAR booth on the microphone or just back there in the Action Room and was PodCast interviewed


Of all the people you missed, we three are probably three of the least difficult to find.


poolcuemaster 01-13-2008 10:05 PM

Hey Fred I was sitting right in front of you beside Hal while the ring game was going on and I brought the cueball and chalk up to the booth for Fatboy.I got to DCC Thursday at noon.--Leonard

Now that I think about it there was several ladies in the booth that could have been Timberly.

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