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  1. howardthedick

    Early Mottey six point

    Can you text me a pic? 574 806 3425
  2. howardthedick

    Jim Murnak

    Hey if you want to trade for a cue trop me a text. thanks 574 806 3425
  3. howardthedick

    1979 Runde Cue (Pre-Schon Era)

    Schon cues first year was 1981.
  4. howardthedick

    JB 6x12 Butterfly Replacement Interior

    I'll take it. Can I have your paypal address. Thank you, Greg (574) 806-3425
  5. howardthedick

    Sold Schon CX50 - 500 takes it

    I'll take it.
  6. howardthedick

    Tad Cue

    This is a Tad Merry Widow in pristine condition. Everything is straight, together and apart. Shafts are 12.9 and 12.45 mm measured at the top of the ferrules. Cue has a white joint, I'm not sure of the material but it has Tad's big pin. I believe it's a 3/8s 12 it is Tad's standard big pin...
  7. howardthedick

    Sold darrin hill cue full splice

    Thanks for the deal on the cues.
  8. howardthedick

    Bill McDaniel fancy 5 point cue

    Shafts are 4.1 and 4.2 oz.
  9. howardthedick

    Tad Custom Cue with Tad Case

    Yes 3200
  10. howardthedick

    Tad Custom Cue with Tad Case

    This a Merry Widow with a fancy butt sleeve. 2 shafts right at 13mm. The 1x2 Dennis Swift case has tooling on the back that says Tad Custom Cues. Everything is is pristine condition and looks totally unplayed. I was told the cue was built by Tad, so it's an old cue that has been in storage...
  11. howardthedick

    Bill McDaniel fancy 5 point cue

    This is an ebony McDaniel cue in excellent condition. Inlays are ivory. 5 floating points. 2 shafts (not ivory) both 13 mm. Everything is straight. 19.2 and 19.1 depending on the shaft. Piloted SS joint. Check out the pictures. Thanks for looking, PLEASE call me if interested. $2000...
  12. howardthedick

    Omega DPK

    Check this out all original like new. Picture of Omega full.
  13. howardthedick

    Black Boar AS10

    This is a AS10 Black Boar. Perfect condition. One of the shafts is his type without the ferrule, the other is a standard ivory ferrule. This cue is signed between the points which I think is unusual, not sure. Cue is straight in every way. Both shafts are right at 12.6. Cue weighs 18.8 with the...
  14. howardthedick

    Bob Danielson Players cue with Extension

    This cue has a laminated shaft that weighs 4.5 ounces. Check out the pictures, I don't know much about Bob Danielson cues. Cue has an extension as you can see in the pictures. Weighs 19 ounces with the laminated shaft and 18.3 ounces with the other shaft. Butt alone is 14.7 ounces. Super...
  15. howardthedick

    Paul Rubino Cue

    Paul Rubino Titlist (Rare) Cue has 2 shafts, 13mm and I think they are ivory. Inlays are ivory. Everything is straight. Cue is in perfect condition but you can feel the silver rings, refinish would take care of that. Weighs 18.8 and 19 ounces depending on shaft. Thanks for looking! I'm...
  16. howardthedick

    Rare Murray Tucker Sneaky

    This particular cue is Bois de Rose into a lovely BEM. It is crafted from a full splice blank that Murray built himself..and may well be the only BdR full splice like it on the planet. BdR looks very much like ebony from a distance, but it is actually a black cherry color with grain. Bois de...
  17. howardthedick

    stacey titlist 800 firm off ebay item number 273863653594
  18. howardthedick

    Mike Wheeler Titleist Conversion Cue

    This is signed between the points, Wheeler 2013 Hoppe style with the ivory ring. Bright vivid points. Immaculate condition. This cue definitely has a Schick look about it. Super nice shafts, 12.8 mm and 12.75 mm. I would say this cue would pass for new but someone took the tip off and...
  19. howardthedick


    ill let this go for 1400 plus 15 shipping you will not find a better deal on one