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  1. Blackjack

    The Frail Gray Man With The Strong Pool Cue

    Not sure if this has been posted before - it is a very good SI article from October of 1969.
  2. Blackjack

    DO NOT be a 14.1 Statue

    DO NOT be a 14.1 statue. We've all seen the 14.1 statues - the players that stand in one spot looking and mulling over their dilemma ... they just stand there frozen in time ... and instead of increasing their knowledge and perspective of their layout - they rely upon their limited, 1 degree...
  3. Blackjack

    bobroberts (Bob Stein)

    It has been some time, but I have seen no mention of the passing of bobroberts aka Bob Stein - so I will post it here. My friend Bob passed away in April of 2012. He had been ill for quite some time, and beat the odds over and over again, until he could fight no more. Bob was a big supporter of...
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    Happy Birthday Dave Nelson

    85 years young!
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    An oldie, but a goodie!

    No, this isn't a thread about Joey Aguzin. :) I'm sure this has probably been posted before, but look at it as a nice break from the politics and a look back at one of the great moments in our game. Efren Reyes Vs Jim Rempe - 1996 Legends of 9 Ball IMO, this is one of the most exciting and...
  6. Blackjack

    Happy birthday, George Fels!

    Happy birthday to great player, teacher, and writer! After all these years, you're still the best, George!
  7. Blackjack

    We've all had racks like this ... lol

    Phil ReillyVs Francisco Bustamante - Cardiff 2003 Great commentary by Jerry Forsyth and Sid Waddell! ("He's got one foot in a crocodile's mouth and the other one on very thin ice..." - Sid is a genius!)
  8. Blackjack

    Video: Finding the Key to the Key

    Finding the Key to the Key Short video that covers finding a key ball and a key to the key ball early in the rack - and working around them to develop a stop-stop-stop end pattern.
  9. Blackjack

    Happy Birthday Elvicash

    Happy birthday, Dana. The number just keeps getting higher!
  10. Blackjack

    Rest in Peace, Ted Lowe

    The world of snooker has lost a legend. Ted had been in a hospice for about 9-10 weeks, and passed away this morning at the age of 90. Broadcasting Legend Lowe dies
  11. Blackjack

    Which way?

    Here is an interesting situation that comes up all of the time. You have a wide open layout with many options. . . . In the first route, we use the pattern 8, 10, 5. With this option, we just have to get straight on the 5 ball, and basically just keep the cue ball in that area, below the...
  12. Blackjack

    2011 World Tourney

    Let the excitement begin...
  13. Blackjack

    Videos: Niels Feijen 130 & 116

    I had both of these videos posted to google video, and due to google video shutting down, I uploaded these to my youtube account this morning. These videos are slightly different from the originals that I uploaded in 2008 - they are scored, and available for viewing in HD. Niels Feijen: 130...
  14. Blackjack

    Happy birthday Keith McCready

    Have a great day, my friend!
  15. Blackjack

    Happy birthday Terry Ardeno

    It must feel great to be 29 for the 23rd time! Happy birthday, Terry!
  16. Blackjack

    14.1: Natural Break Ball Angle/ Closing the Distance

    14.1: Natural Break Ball Angle/ Closing the Distance his video contains two blocks of instruction - I made these videos for a video evaluation for Steve Kurtz in 2010. Block 1 is entitled "Getting a Natural Angle on the Break Ball" as opposed to have to apply english or spin on the cue ball to...
  17. Blackjack

    Common End Patterns: Layout #3

    Common End Patterns: Layout #3 This video was actually part of a video evaluation that I did for Steve Kurtz. I've edited it down a little, and I have decided to add it to the DVD. I think it's a good lesson, or as my family likes to say, it's just more of me explaining why I think I'm right...
  18. Blackjack

    Clusters: Lesson 4

    Clusters: Lesson 4 - Know Exactly where each ball is going. In this video I explain how to examine the clusters to see EXACTLY where each ball is going to go when you break it up.
  19. Blackjack

    George "Ginky" San Souci

  20. Blackjack

    Critique of pocketpoint's critique of Murdoch's critique of Dr. Dave's review

    Note to Stan: There's no such thing as bad press. You're still on page 1.