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  1. ridewiththewind

    WTB: JB Cases 2x4 Mason Case

    Looking to buy a JB Cases 2x4 Mason Case. Not looking for fancy tooling...unless it's a deal, of course. ;) Getting back into the swing of things after a schedule change at work. Thank you! Lisa Sent from my SPH-L710 using Tapatalk
  2. ridewiththewind

    2010 Josey Wrapless FS

    I have decided to just start parting with my cues, as I am just not playing anymore. My job does not really allow me the time at the table I used to be able to get...and my focus has shifted away from pool. Just seems a shame to let this one languish in the really should be played...
  3. ridewiththewind

    E-Grip Cue Holder Review...

    ...can be found here: Lisa
  4. ridewiththewind

    E-Grip Cue Holder

    I recently decided to purchase a E-Grip cue holder after a cue of mine was knocked out of my old cue holder and sustained some dings in the butt, as a result. Due to the $75 price point, I felt it deserved an honest review. The E-Grip is machined of, what I believe to be, aircraft grade...
  5. ridewiththewind

    LTB: E-Grip Cue Holder

    Like the title says...looking for one. Update: Found one, thanks!
  6. ridewiththewind

    Recipes for Crow....Anyone?

    It's time for me to eat a little crow. For years I have poo-poo'd laminated LD shafts over that of traditional maple shafts. I had tried them once or twice and was less than impressed. Almost all my cues have been custom-made for me, to my specs...and I felt that the makers know what they're...
  7. ridewiththewind

    The USPS Strikes Again!

    So...the ol' man decided to do something nice for me, and got me a badly needed new 1x2 case, which arrived on 7/3. The shipping box arrived crushed, but upon initial cursory inspection before I had to head out to work...the case appeared to be okay. I was very delighted. So, I get home from...
  8. ridewiththewind


    I call it Bullwinkle. Four layers of 4-5 oz leather laminated together. Too time-consuming to make to sell...but pretty happy with the results, for the most part. Lisa Sent from my SPH-L710 using Tapatalk
  9. ridewiththewind

    Jim Baxter Cues

    We all know that Jim makes some pretty snappy joint protectors. Well, he also makes some very pretty cues. Last night I had the pleasure to get a first hand look at one of Jim's cues. The fit and finish was on par with what is to be expected on a custom cue. Meaning that the finish was clean...
  10. ridewiththewind

    LF ~ Cue Dude Rubber Cue Holder ~ Black Only

    As the title states, looking for a Cue Dude rubber cue holder in solid black only. Left mine behind at a pool room in Seattle many moons ago, and would like to replace it. Been through a lot of cue holders in my day, and it is by far my most missed item. Thank you! Lisa
  11. ridewiththewind

    W/FS Rules

    Nice cue bumps still happening. And why can't people...especially the dealers, just list all their wares in ONE ad?! No wonder the 'little' guy can't get any exposure. Just about done with the disparity on AZB.
  12. ridewiththewind

    Health Forces Sale ~ 2010 Josey Wrapless Full Splice

    After a great deal of thought and anguish, I have to step back from the game due to some health issues. Bilateral knee pain and DDD of the cervical spine have begun to seriously impact my ability to play the game proficiently any longer. I am going to be parting with my equipment, so that...
  13. ridewiththewind

    2010 Josey Cue For Sale

    NO LONGER FOR SALE! Honestly, I'm not even going to go into the roller coaster my life has been for the last 4 years, so.... 2010 BEM/Tulipwood Josey Wrapless FS from a commissioned Prather blank. The points are not perfectly even, but pretty close. Honestly, as good as this cue plays, it...
  14. ridewiththewind

    Explain This to Me...

    ...In any other industry, those offering a product to the consumer are typically competing for your dollars with others who may offer a like product. In some circles, they are practically falling over one another to make the sale. They are offering a product, and are thankful for the business...
  15. ridewiththewind

    *Ladies!* BLING MultiFit Pocket Chalkers

    Stand out from the crowd on league night with these blinged out deerskin MultiFit pocket chalkers! These handcrafted pocket chalkers will fit both the new Predator 1080 chalk, as well as the more traditional square chalk, making them ideal for your chalking needs! Due to deerskin's ability...
  16. ridewiththewind

    Predator 1080 Leather Chalkers

    I currently have available the following leather Chalkers for the Predator 1080 chalk, by In da Kitchen Designs. Please note that these are entirely hand made. I hand select the leather, hand cut each individual piece, hand punch the stitch holes and hand stitch together. The ones...
  17. ridewiththewind

    Predator 1080 Chalk...

    ...Holder Sat down today and noodled out a template, then hand-stitched this up. I think it turned out pretty sporty on the first attempt. My fingers are killing me, so may need to invest in sewing awl. Also, before anyone thinks about stealing my hard work, I'm claiming copyright on it...
  18. ridewiththewind

    Can O' Worms Better Left Unopened?

    Okay, so in July or August of 2010 I had a young guy who was in the Army and had just returned from a tour in Iraq approach me about one of my cues where I play. He really wanted his own cue, and he really wanted the one I happened to be playing with that evening: It was a Prather blank that...
  19. ridewiththewind

    Beware Jeff Forney!!!!!

    Looks like you can add member leebang to the list. Sent from my HTC One V using Tapatalk 4 Beta
  20. ridewiththewind

    New Members: Advice on Buying, Selling, and Shipping

    If you are buying or your research!! Don't just rely on the iTrader results, as they can be, well....unreliable. It's not difficult to see the members who have been here a while, so send a PM and ask! Also, do a search on the member who is buying or through ALL...