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    So what do you think the average innings are for an APA player?

    I tracked my APA 9 ball stats for about a year and a half while I was an 8 (and later a 9) Here they are: I quit the APA shortly after becoming a 9. The 24 rule makes it near impossible to stay on a team.
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    Weight lifting and pool

    I have been lifting pretty regularly for about 6 years and have never had any issues with lifting hurting my game. Immediately following a workout it can be a little trying, as the muscles are quite fatigued. Particularly following a leg workout. Its hard to stand still when you legs are aching...
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    My grudge match with Drew

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    TV Cue Ball vs Regular Cue ball

    One of the pool halls I frequent have some red circle balls that are, in fact, smaller than the Brunswick Centennials that they have been coupled with. I have my own measle ball that I bring to play with here. I can verify that the red circle cue ball is smaller by placing the cue between two...
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    More Vids!

    Good morning everyone. James Roberts played some cheap games for practice last week, and I thought I would, once again, share the videos with the community. The game is 10 Ball, I get the Wild 8. Here is a link to the playlist...
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    Calluses on Bridge hand

    Am I the only person who plays so much pool that they develop calluses on their bridge hand? I have been playing so much lately, that my pinky and middle finger are beginning to look a little beat up... (Awaiting incoming adolescent jokes about how else you could develop calluses on your...
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    Donny Mills is a Runout Machine - Videos Included

    All, As promised, here is a video collection of Donny and I playing this last Sunday (6/20/2010) The spot was the Breaks and the Last 5, 10ball. This is certainly not my best performance. The reason I bang my head against the wall playing with Donny is there is absolutely nothing that...
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    Another step for me :-)

    Last night, for the first time, I cashed in the Weekly Open 9Ball Tournament at Strokers. I came through the losers side (after losing my second match,) and after beating the person in the hot seat 4-0, we decided to chop 1st and 2nd place money instead of playing again. It was late, and I get...
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    Aiming Systems Of All Kinds..Just don't Work

    It BURNS!!!!!
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    FlipVideo Ultra HD (yes, its pool related)

    FlipVideo Ultra HD (yes, its pool related) + Short Vid of me shooting. After knocking the idea around for a few months, I finally broke down a purchased a video camera. I ended up picking up one of these:
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    Balls per inning and APA skill levels

    Here it is..... This is some deatiled stats from when I was raised to an 8 back in march of last year through November of last year. I got bored with tracking this info after while. The final column is my balls/inning for my last 10 matches, only calculating wins. Strangely enough, when that...
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    What's your APA 9-ball Skill Level?

    I would imagine that the average skill level of someone who frequents this forum is much higher than just a random smattering of APA players. People who play this game well live the game. Its pool on the brain all the time, on and off the table. Additionally, most 9s quit due to the 23 rule...
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    Ok, I need one... wow

    If this has already been posted, my bad. This may be the coolest pool table ever.
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    Innisbrook, Who's going this weekend?

    Well, I bit the bullet and registered for the Amateur Event. Ill be proud to donate my entry fee ;-)
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    Spectacular Day on the pool Table.

    Over a period of an hour and a fifteen minutes I broke and ran 12 racks of 9 ball. Broke and Ran 6 of 8 at one point in that time. Good Day. :-) :grin-square::grin-square::grin-square::grin-square::grin-square::grin-square: The game gets a whole lot easier when the break is working well.
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    Right-handed shooter that's left eye dominant???

    I am right handed and left eye dominant. If you take a look at these three pics, you can see that I position my head so the cue is a little to the left of the center of my chin. I do this on most shots. You can tell because after an hour or so of shooting a blue strip of chalk starts showing...
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    who is the best driver for a road trip?

    This guy is an excellent driver.
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    the hottest girl in pool!!!!

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    Awesome night at league last night!

    Time to share! I had a killer night at 9 ball league last night. My opponent scratched on the break then I did the following: Ran that rack Broke and Ran Broke and Ran Broke and Ran Broke and Ran My inning finally ended with a dry break! In total it was a 45 ball run. Awesome night...
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    1 Pocket

    I had the pleasure of watching Ronnie Wiseman and Dan Lavoie (HammerHeads Owner) match up in some 1 pocket last night. Im not sure how they ended up, but it looked like they were going back and fourth most of the night. I "think" Ronnie was spotting Dan a ball or two. I didnt want to bother...