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  2. Funk Master

    Places to play in dalls/Ft. Worth?

    Hey all, I'm staying in the DFW area the next 2 weeks and was wondering which were the best places to play? (i. e. old school halls, players halls, money rooms....) :confused:
  3. Funk Master

    Looking for a bridge

    Hello all, I recently was a player at our local hall pull out a extendable aluminum bridge and was wondering if anyone knew or saw these before. My daughter is learning and it would work very well for her. Thanks, Dave :confused:
  4. Funk Master

    It's A First!!!!

    Hey all, I know some (most?) of you probably have done this a million times, but at our local tournament tonite I ran the table for the first time (in tournament play)! This is the first time I've done this and is was against a better rated player. That was one of the best feelings I have had...
  5. Funk Master

    Intrest in new tourney Fidays in Tempe?

    Good morning all. A couple of players and myself were kicking around the idea of having a Friday night 9 ball tournament (9 footers) on Fridays at the Cue n Brew in Tempe. Have not discussed ratings or any other details, just seeing what the interest would be. Let me know! Thanks, Dave
  6. Funk Master

    Pool Room in SF??

    About 12 years ago, when I was dating my wife, we found a room in downtown San Francisco. From what I remember it was upstairs and was what you would call a "Old School' type of environment. I also seem to remember it had a neon "Billiards" sign along the top of the building...any clues...
  7. Funk Master

    Jump Break Tip

    Quick question... I purchased a used J/B cue and it has a REALLY hard tip on it. Is this standard or is it OK to put a medium-hard tip on it? Thanks, Dave:confused: