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  1. bhodi

    Schmelke sneaky purple heart

    sold ...................................................................
  2. bhodi

    Lf sneaky

    Lf sneaky, custom, conversion, valley, wrap or no, etc.
  3. bhodi

    Jensen ebony window FS

    Jensen Black irish linen wrap. Pressed elk masters. 3/8 10 pin. A few dings in the finish nothing major. Shafts and butt roll straight apart. Joint needs facing~ slight roll when together. Trades possible for custom, Josey. shafts ~ 3.7oz and 3. 8oz @ 12.7mm butt ~ 14.75oz no weight bolt...
  4. bhodi

    GTF Case black 1x2

    GTF Kopy Kat case black 1x2 Used for storage, never saw a pool hall Like new condition missing plastic label on lid.. fell off, was gay anyways I threw it away sold
  5. bhodi

    layered tip for trade

    traded listing expired
  6. bhodi

    Jacoby jump cue - maple

    sold sold sold
  7. bhodi

    George case

    Its George case 1x2 eel skin black, good condition, couple scuffs... $SOLD
  8. bhodi

    Mitchell Thomas & Talisman case FS

    Talisman case FS Black original Talisman case, brand new condition. 2x4, real leather.sold
  9. bhodi

    Espiritu custom cocobolo

    19 oz shaft is 4oz@12.7mm, Irish linen wrap. 5/16 x14 $275, may trade for custom cue or nice case. Thanks
  10. bhodi


    19oz 13mm. 5/16-18 threads. New wrap, recently cleaned shaft. Good condition. Sharp points. Two Veneers. Rolls straight. $250, Might trade for a nice 1x2 case
  11. bhodi

    Kevin varney wrapless fs

    SOLD Purple heart into maple wrapless Varney. Very little play. Tiger emerald tip. One shaft 13mm, weight ~19oz. SOLD. Thanks
  12. bhodi

    Best pool movies

    1. Baltimore Bullet 2. The Hustler 3. Pool Hall Junkies 4. The episode of married with children where joey from friends hustles with Al, his uncle 5. Any accu-stats or old espn rerun featuring Efren 6. The movie with tom cruise I forget the name. It wasn't for pool players, rather for...
  13. bhodi

    varney fs

    )))))))))))) Relisted )))))))))))))))))))))))))))
  14. bhodi

    Durbin FS

    Michael Durbin 2008 Cocobolo 3/8x10 Abalone joint collar Two shafts: (1) andy gilbert, ring work is different (2)The original shaft is turned down for snooker Small dings below wrap. Irish linen wrap Good balance and plays good Fs or trade, $275
  15. bhodi

    Ron Thomas 2x4 Brown lizard case
  16. bhodi

    Soft leather 4x8 case fs

    New condition. Lucasi case, leatherette, nice padded strap. 2 accessory pockets. sold..............
  17. bhodi


    4 pt, multiple veneers, straight. coco into maple 19oz, no weight bolt. Shaft 3.7oz and 12. 7mm. Moori tip. New linen wrap. Finish is worn at joint on shaft, good condition otherwise. Includes free action hard case. SOLD Thanks
  18. bhodi

    Ned Morris FT

    Ned Morris black linen wrap, wood joint 3/8x10 2 shafts, both 12.9mm, 3.6oz, milk dud tips butt is 14.8oz, adjustable. cool ring work with green Ned does the best tapers of anyone imo finish isn't perfect, I would say 80% very good playing cue nice hit, (not firm- I hate that) well balanced...
  19. bhodi

    WTB Billy Webb

    Looking for a nice Billy Webb cue. Would consider other customs with a linen wrap, 19oz or over, with a nice balance. Looking to spend <$600. Thanks
  20. bhodi

    Coker 6 point hi-lo, Southwest style, FS or FT, 3 shafts and 1 predator!!!

    2004 Coker custom cue up for sale or trade. It is birds eye maple and has cocobolo points with a single veneer. Includes 4 shafts. Butt is 14.5oz with no weight bolt. Condition is good. There is a small nick in the butt, not really noticeable. Tips are new Talisman M and 1 milk dud. Shafts...