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    Loaded Blackcreek!
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    <<<<Sugartree Wrapless!!!>>>>

    For sale is this wrapless Sugartree in great condition. Wormy maple and purpleheart with Eric's micro-ringwork. Plays great like all Sugartrees. Butt: 15.29oz (straight) Shaft 1: 4.2oz/13.07mm (straight) Shaft 2: 4.18oz/13.05mm (straight) Overall condition: Excellent! PRICE: $975 shipped...
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    ***Vintage Scruggs For Sale!***

    Up for sale is an older, classic Tim Scruggs cue I took in on trade: ***Highly figured birdseye maple forearm (rolls straight); ***Four rosewood points, with four veneers (beige, brown, beige, black); ***Black Elephant ear wrap; ***Stainless steel 5/16x14 joint; ***One original TS shaft...
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    Elegant 1989 Phillippi

    Ebay link: Looks like this one will likely go at a bargain price. PM with any questions. Tx. Sherlock
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    qbilder - mailbox is full

    qbilder - Pls. clear your mailbox--trying to reach you with question about cue. Thanks.
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    Cue has developed a rattle

    Hello, A custom cue (wrapless, no points, 3/8x10 pin) in excellent condition was sold to a buyer in Europe. The new owner says it now has a "rattle" when playing with it. Any idea what might be causing this? I have an email in to the cuemaker but would appreciate other opinions. While I know...
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    BLACKCREEK BEAUTY! Solid ivory joint, full splice

    2008 BLACKCREEK full splice cue in excellent condition. The forearm is BEM with four razor-sharp Ebony points—each with four colored veneers. The joint is flat-faced solid Ivory with a radial pin. Both shafts have Ivory ferrules and layered tips. Rolls straight apart and together. Length: 58"...
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    sneaky pete shaft question

    I'm thinking about buying a second shaft for a true sneaky pete cue that has no collar on the butt or shaft (5/16x14 pin). Is it possible (and at what approximate expense) to take a traditional aftermarket shaft with a collar, remove the collar and have it match up well to the butt? Tx for...
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    Shaft won't fit on my Scruggs Cue?

    Hello, I recently got a TS 5/16x14 SS jointed cue that came with only one shaft. I've got an extra James White piloted 5/16x14 shaft I'd like to use on the cue but it won't screw on all the way (the recessed collar of the SS joint on the butt won't fit over the piloted portion of the shaft)...
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    Scruggs v. SW

    TS and SW cues are well-known for being great playing cues with a firm hit (although different hits). For those who have played with/owned both, which do you prefer playing with and why? Tx.
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    Scruggs v. Southwest -Opinions Wanted

    Deleted--moved to general forum.
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    Slate seal has broken

    Hello, I got a new Olhausen slate table installed less than a year ago. A month or so ago I noticed a slight ridge had formed where two pieces of slate come together (I was told by someone that this means the slate seal has broken or "popped"). You can now see a line on the Simonis860 cloth...
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    OB-1, 5/16x14, Moori medium

    I have an OB-1 shaft for sale: Joint size - 5/16 x 14 Length - 29" Ring - Silver trim ring Condition - Only about a year old; good condition (my new cue has a radial pin joint--that's the only reason I'm selling this shaft) Tip diameter - approx. 13 mm (OB-1's tend to be just slightly under...
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    Playing my best against stronger players;poorly against weaker ones

    I've noticed something in my last two local tournies that I wonder if others have experienced: When I draw a better player than me (I'm probably a B-) in the first round, I tend to play my best pool and have had some wonderful upsets; I then draw a weaker player in the second round and don't...
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    Diagnosing "roll" on a cue butt

    If the butt has a slight roll when it's rolled by itself on a level table, does that mean there's definitely a warp? What other diagnostics would you recommend? It doesn't appear to affect a straight hit with the cue. Tx.
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    Gorgeous Phillippi Custom

    Signed Phillippi custom cue made in 1989. Beautiful ebony floating points with ivory. Here's the eBay link:
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    Palmer Original for Sale

    I need to let go of my first custom cue--a stamped Palmer original, Model 6(catalog 3 for you Palmer collectors), made for me back in the late 1970s. I really love the Rosewood (hard to find these days). It needs some restoration but still hits great. Here's the link with pictures...
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    Tough Decision on Custom Shaft

    Hello, I am having a replacement shaft made for my custom cue (both of my other traditional shafts have become quite warped over the past 15 years). I can only afford to have one shaft made and the cue maker has suggested I consider a traditional maple or a flat laminated. I realize this...