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  1. jeremy8000

    Mosconi cup

    Think he said closer to 15mm
  2. jeremy8000

    Mosconi cup

    Only every 10? Amateur... Every 8 here ;)
  3. jeremy8000

    Mosconi cup

    While I'd love to see Earl vs Jayson for the (admittedly small) chance Earl would channel his inner youth and bend Shaw over his proverbial knee, I'd rather see SVB in there to give us our best shot at the W.
  4. jeremy8000

    Mosconi cup

    I recall commentary at one point indicating there were 2,500 total seats, with 50 seats still remaining - pretty sure you're spot-on.
  5. jeremy8000

    Joss Block Letter Cues

    This is a bit of a dated comparison but should help at least define a smaller era.
  6. jeremy8000

    Carbon Fiber Shaft Poll

    Tried several with my existing butt at the time, and the one I ended up choosing was tied for second with Predator, and behind the Cuetec, in terms of feel and keeping predictably consistant, low deflection. I ended up chooosing and prefering the Becue for how, while it's a great standalone CF...
  7. jeremy8000

    You are all missing the boat!! Ned Morris cues are the best playing cues I've (and my buddies) played with!

    I've owned two cues by Ned. The first was a sneaky pete I won in a raffle. I loved everything about it except for one thing: I absolutely hated that it played better than my Kikel, which had been my player and the best I'd shot with (for me) to that point. I ended up moving on to one of his...
  8. jeremy8000

    F/S 1968-72 'Block Letter' Joss – Balabushka Tribute by Bill Stroud

    As captioned in the title, for your consideration. A wide variety of high resolution photos of the cue, including both many more pre/post restoration shots from 2015 can be viewed here. Bill personally confirmed this cue as one he designed when he and Dan Janes were together at Joss...
  9. jeremy8000

    F/S 1968-72 'Block Letter' Joss – Balabushka Tribute by Bill Stroud

    Delete - duplicate thread Deleted - realized I posted in the wrong forum. Reposted here: Mods - please delete.
  10. jeremy8000

    Alex Brick Dymondwood 3-Piece Jump/Break Cue

    Alex Brick Dymondwood 3-Piece Jump/Break Cue in excellent condition, [SOLD] via PayPal, shipped with insurance. Includes protectors. Not interested in trades. Cue is available for local inspection/sale ([SOLD] if local pickup). The cue is in superb condition and arrow-straight. There are no...
  11. jeremy8000

    Unknown cue - ID help?

    This cue is one purchased by a friend about 30 years ago, to his recollection. There are no identifying brand marks, so I'm seeking any assistance in determining who might have crafted it. I am no expert in woods, but it appears that the two principally used are birdseye maple and cocobolo...
  12. jeremy8000

    *OLD* Joss cue identification request

    Hi everyone, New to the forums, hoping someone might be able to help provide some assistance in identifying / getting more information about this cue. I haven't seen this type of Joss logo in the past, in very small simple blockish text. The cue belongs to a friend who purchased it...