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  1. dennis

    Anyone know where to downoad pollhalljunkies??

    I am looking for a place to get pool hall junkies.Any ideas would be appreciated later,dennis:confused:
  2. dennis

    question about cue length?

    Being 6'5"I feel that a normal standard cue is too short for my frame.Any comments or thoughts about longer shafts or cues?Would it be advantageous for me to look into a custom longer 60 or 62" cue?thx,later,dennis:D
  3. dennis

    I want to rebuild my game from the ground up

    I am thinking of ways to rebuild my pool game .... I am looking for suggestions to reach that end. thanks,later, dennis
  4. dennis

    Can any one suggest some drills to practice

    Hi,I am looking for sme drills that I can use to perfect my shot making and positional skills.Also maybe to show a beginner on bridge stance etc? thanks, dennis;)
  5. dennis

    recently purchased a lucasi model L-2021

    Any thoughts or complaints about this cue or lucasi cues in general? thx,dennis:)