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  1. The Schwartz

    Schon ST-1

    RAFFLE FULL! Draw date: Tuesday 3/22/11 This Raffle is for a SCHON ST-1 I bought this cue in new condition a year ago. It looks simple but shoots better than I do. It has a few scratches & marks in the finish from play, no dings or dents into the wood. Plays lights out, like a Schon...
  2. The Schwartz

    Schon ST-1 PLAYER - Ivory ferrule Schon shaft

    Up for sale is my Schon ST-1 in great condition Here are the Specs: Piloted Stainless Steel Joint Older Style, Hollow-Point 5/16x14 pin Black Collars With Nickel Silver Rings at the A & B positions Birdseye Maple Forearm and Butt Sleeve 4 Cocobolo diamond inlays surrounded by Ebony with...
  3. The Schwartz

    WTB: 2x3 case

    I tried to use the search feature for "2x3 case" but 2x3 is too short so it only searches the word "case". Doesn't help much. Anyway, I am looking for a 2 butt x 3 shaft case. I can't believe more people don't make these! :confused: Doesn't have to be leather or expensive, I want to see...
  4. The Schwartz

    Dr. Popper Jump Cue

    Up for raffle is a brand new Dr. Popper jump cue. Specs: Tip: Solid Phenolic Ferrule: Black synthetic composite Shaft: Graphite, 27 1/2" length, diameter 12.6 - 12.7mm Joint: Aluminum Bumper: Vinyl Butt Construction: Graphite, 13 1/2" length Total weight: 4 oz. This jump cue has been shown to...
  5. The Schwartz

    Dale Perry - $4.50 per spot or $25 for 6

    Cue has been sold
  6. The Schwartz

    Question about McDermott pins/joint protectors

    Does anyone know if a standard 3/8" x 10 joint protector will fit on the McDermott quick release pin? It is very hard to find a nice joint protector that I like for my McDermott QR pin and there are far more options for the standard pin. :shrug:
  7. The Schwartz

    Schon Historians Help!

    So I bought a Schon. I love the cue. However, it was advertised as an ST-1 and it looks more like an STL-2. Both have very similar design, but it looks like the ST-1 would have ivory diamonds in ebony inlaid on the forearm while the STL-2 has cocobolo and ebony. The guy I bought it from kept...
  8. The Schwartz

    Schon CX-51

    Schon CX-51 Advice? I saw one of these for sale locally and was thinking about buying it. I was wondering if Schon's are commonly faked or counterfeited and if anyone knows a good procedure when I check out the cue. I do know that Schon is always spelled lowercase with the umlaut, and the...
  9. The Schwartz

    Testing. I'm new.

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