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  1. chin0

    Rules for avoiding fights

    I know this is old and I missed it but has anyone tried screaming like a little girl confronted by a huge spider? :D
  2. chin0

    Meeting Troyroy and Joe's Billiard in Hong Kong

    Dear all fellow board members, Hope everyone had a great holiday season with a wonderful new years. I here by wish everyone a belated Happy New Years, and hope everyones' upcoming new year of 2010 would be very delightful and prosperous. While I was visiting Hong Kong this past holiday...
  3. chin0

    Going to be in Hong Kong

    Hiya fellow AZB'ers, How are you all doing? Hope you all are shooting well and doing good under this insanely cold weather. I haven't been around for a while due to school being a pain. I just got done taking 4 finals and 2 tests with the sugar topping of 3 projects this week. Now the good...
  4. chin0

    Panther J/B issue

    I don't know how many o you guys and gals own one of these Panther J/B with the wooden joint made by Kaiser. Recently, I have been working on increasing the power and speed on my break, and the cue now feels hollow and just doesn't feel solid when I hit with it. It seems like every time I try to...
  5. chin0

    WTB Cue for under $100

    Hey guys, how is everyone doing? Well I have a really good friend of mine that has been shooting pool with me lately. He is wanting to get serious and I'm thinking of getting him a cue as a surprise, but don't have much to spend. If anyone got a good condition cue that is 20-21oz with 12mm...
  6. chin0

    Guess who?

    Hi all! How are you guys and gals doing? Hoping all is good and healthy. Let's play a little game today.... Guess who did the customization on this Tulipwood Sneakiest Pete... I was using a black collar OB2 shaft on the sneakiest butt, and I was getting annoyed by it, so I had this done. The...
  7. chin0

    Advice on ferrule

    I am playing now, mainly with the tulipwood sneakiest pete w/ OB2 and I have my schmelke just sitting around as a back up. I was looking to change out the crappy ferrule they have on it (I think they use a titan ferrule or something), but I have not clue on what ferrule would be good, and what...
  8. chin0

    Need help with cue

    I recently got a tulipwood Sneakiest pete. I want to use my OB2 on it, but the thing is that my OB2 has a black collar and the tulipwood butt doesn't. I was wondering if there is a way to send the shaft off to someone to get the collar removed to make it a collarless OB2 but keep the diameter...
  9. chin0

    WTB "The Great Break Shot"

    WTB: Anyone has a copy of "The Great Break Shot" by Charley Bond? .... Does The Joe Tucker's Racking Secrets differ in this than the original book or is it better? Any recommendations to help improve my break? I play 8-ball mostly, and my breaks are always dry, so please help. Thanks Chino
  10. chin0

    Switching from Standard to LD shaft

    Hi all, how is everyone doing? Hope all is going well and business is going good. I have recently switched over from a regular schmelke shaft, 29 inch, 12mm with an elkmaster tip to a 30 inch OB-2 shaft with the standard everest tip. I am having a little difficulty adjusting to it. I like it a...
  11. chin0

    Kaiser Panther J/B

    I have had a Kaiser Panther J/B with wood pin joints for about 2-3 months now and finally got around to writing a review for this cue. I must say, for the price I paid, I didn't expect much and boy was I proven wrong. The finish on the cue is great for the price and much more than I have...
  12. chin0

    J&KV J/B Review

    Sorry that it took so long for me to write this review, I purchased this for my brother a month or so back and I wanted to give it a true test run when my splint comes off of my hand, so here it is: This cue is called a J&KV J/B is because it is a J&J J/B that Kevin Varney has customized. It...
  13. chin0

    Help asap!

    I was wondering if anyone can tell me what joint I have on my schmelke. I always thought it was a 3/8 10 joint, and the owner of the billiard supply store said schmelke doesn't offer a 3/8 10 joint, only McDermott does. It is joint option #4 on the schmelke website...
  14. chin0

    Opinions needed...Thanks

    Hi all, So right now, I am in a pretty crappy mood, here is the cause of it: Today, my dad told me he wanted to play snooker, so I told him, great, there is Big Bertha down at Ray Rec. So I personally go down to Ray Rec around 6pm and told the owner, I want to reserve Big Bertha, and I will be...
  15. chin0

    WTT Case for LD Shaft

    I have an It's George-V case plus $100 for trade for a low deflection shaft. (Would consider selling the case by itself for $100 plus shipping and insurance). I want to trade for a 11.75mm LD shaft, like the Predator Z-2, OB-2 or the McDermott I-3 shaft. For: Joint: 3/8 10 joint with black...
  16. chin0

    My experiment of the day!

    Hi all fellow AZ'er, hope all is going well on this wonderful Thursday afternoon as we all bite down hard during this crappy economy. Today, after I got out of the gym, I decided to go check out a Predator Z-2 shaft. I have been seriously thinking about upgrading my shaft for my Schmelke, or...
  17. chin0

    A few lucky shots the other day...

    Here are a few lucky shots I made when I was playing with my brother the other day, it felt really cool lol
  18. chin0

    Another pool movie

    Hiya fellow members. Hope everyone is doing good and keeping your opponent in thier warm chairs. I don't know if anyone has posted this, but I just went to BlockBuster to rent a few movies with my brother and I saw a pool picture on a DVD cover, it is a pool hustlin' and poker playing movie by...
  19. chin0

    Knockoff It's George Case???????

    How are you all doing? I don't have pictures of it, but it is a 2x4 claimed it's george case.It doesn't say it's george on the bottom of the case and the carrying strap is not leather and it is a nylon strap that says it's george on it....... I think I got scammed......sigh....:( Does anyone...
  20. chin0

    I wonder

    Hi all, I don't know if anyone has thought of this or a thread has been posted about this, I really want to see Ronnie O'Sullivan shoot 14.1. I think 14.1 and Snooker is a very similar game, and I think Ronnie O would dominate the game just like he did on 9-ball. Wonder how many balls he can...