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  1. Craig

    Earl will never make it

    Earl will never make it to the end of the set, somebody in the audience is going to beat his ass before this is over with or he will walk out. Only 9 games have been played in the match and Earl is already acting up.
  2. Craig

    WTB: Black ABS Rod

    Any one have 6in. X 1.50" DIA Black ABS Rod that I can buy, I know I can get this from Atlas and other places but I only need a small amount so I thought I would try here first. Thanks
  3. Craig

    WTB: Flat Laminated Shaft

    I want to buy a Flat Laminated Shaft with radial joint, preferably new if possible.
  4. Craig


    Anyone got a 12" piece AEGIS II solid ferrule rod they are willing to sale?
  5. Craig


    Anyone got a 12" piece AEGIS II solid ferrule rod they are willing to sale?
  6. Craig

    Talisman Med. Tips

    Anyone interested in these tips. I have > 9 < Talisman Pro Domed Med. Tips.....14mm And I also have > 4 < Champion Tips 13mm.......... Accepting Offers.................................................
  7. Craig

    WTB: Predator Sneaky Pete

    Let me know what you got and what you want$$$.
  8. Craig

    looking for JAM

    JAM could you send me a PM, need to ask you something or Keith either one.
  9. Craig

    K.T. of the I P T

    Check this Lots of people share how they feel about K.T. ..................Look for the link to Natural Cures to the right................sounds just like the IPT he has no tour but he has a web site you can pay to watch video.................. and no I...
  10. Craig

    Kenneth James

    Does anyone or has anyone ever heard of this guy > Kenneth James < I was told he is from Athens, AL. How does or did he play, I hear he was/is a strong player. Thanks for any info anyone has about him. No looking to match up or knock him, just from back in the day he could play with the best.
  11. Craig

    Sevierville Billiard Club

    Does anyone play out of this pool room. Or has any one ever been there. What is the place like. What size tables do they have. (4.5x9) - (4x8) - bar boxes How are the tables. Overall is it a nice place to go. Thanx
  12. Craig

    G-10 Tips

    Has anyone tried G-10 material for a tip yet.
  13. Craig

    Shon CX02 *Brand New*

    I have a brand new Shon CX02 cue, It's never been chalked. It's in excellent condition. If interested contact me by e-mail for pricing. The Shon CX02 cue retails for $715.00, but I'm selling for alot less than that. And I will ship it to anywhere in the Continental United States free of charge...
  14. Craig

    Ripley's Believe or Not.....Wed.....Nite

    Ripley's Believe It or Not.....Wed.....Nite Airs: Wednesday, September 3 at 9:00 PM ET Pool Shark - Nick Nikolaidis and Mike Massey will compete against each other in this Ripley's Challenge to see who can clear two pool tables the fastest. They're also competing against the clock for a world...
  15. Craig

    Doug Jennings

    Does anyone know how to get in contact with: Doug Jennings in Atlanta, Ga.
  16. Craig

    Ladies playing the men.