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  1. chasrwest

    Joey Tate vs Billy Thorpe LIVE

    I agree. They should play a third set instead. son and I are in that video. right at the end, about 1:18:30. I am the bald guy looking around like my head is on a swivel...LOL. Joey was very nervous, not used to a shot clock, and let the shot clock run out on him once. I felt bad...
  2. chasrwest

    What is the experience like purchasing a case from John Barton/JB cases?

    This^^ I bought a simple ultimate rugged that I designed with their online tool, paid, got the design approval email, then received the case. It actually came earlier than they quoted. The case is outstanding, well-built, and holds my cues securely.
  3. chasrwest

    It’s my bday 12/29

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, FatBoy! I turned 56 in June, it was just another number. Today is also my father's 90th birthday, seems like a great day!
  4. chasrwest

    Earl on time clocks and extensions

    agreed. changing the game pace to suit you instead of your opponent is used in basketball, hockey, and other sports as a legitimate strategy. There is no reason not to try to gain an advantage if you do so legally.
  5. chasrwest

    Jump Cues.....what's the best out there right now.

    +1 on the Jacoby. I was practicing with a friend's Jacoby jumper last night and it was very easy to get the ball off the table with accuracy.
  6. chasrwest

    The Biggest Flaw of APA's Handicapping

    The APA greatness (or not) factor is largely a function of the league operator's attitude and actions. The L.O. can be amazing or can run off players faster than new ones can come along. My first team is now four teams, any one of which I would be happy to be a member.
  7. chasrwest

    The Biggest Flaw of APA's Handicapping

    That is all built into the companies growth and marketing plan. It is a design feature, not a flaw. They want players to advance, forcing a team to split into two teams, then bring in new players to fill out the teams. Organic growth is achieved with little effort from the L.O. or St Louis...
  8. chasrwest

    APA Question???

    We do this too...usually to break any tension or stress the shooter develops. My lovely wife usually tells players to get their head out of their ass and make the f'n shot. It is pretty effective, at least with our bunch of degenerates. You can't genuinely laugh and be tense.
  9. chasrwest

    Cue stick modification community

    True enough. I break well with a CF shaft, but can't stand one on my playing cue. Maple rocks for feel.
  10. chasrwest

    Cue stick modification community

    I found these guys at the Vegas APA tournament. They make moving mass cues with liquid and ball bearings and ball bearings in a magnetic sleeve. The hit is interesting, I'm not convinced it is better, though. I do like the forward weighted shafts, however...
  11. chasrwest

    Dont be like this "seller" on ebay

    Agreed, I have never had a problem with these guys, they rock!
  12. chasrwest

    Your Cue Stick History?

    Wow, apparently my list is short: The usual $20 Kmart job A no wrap Adam, my brother has this one now. Since 1993, a Richard Black merry widow A players break jump Finally, a bungee jump cue.
  13. chasrwest

    Dallas BCAPL

    a little north, in Frisco, Snookered has diamond tables. Check them out, the owners, Craig and Jana are good people.
  14. chasrwest


    Same with my '93 Black. It is my daily shooter and the kids can argue about who gets it when I die.
  15. chasrwest

    Best Affordable Cuemakers today?

    Please quit being an ass.
  16. chasrwest

    Best Affordable Cuemakers today?

    OK, I said I would try to let you have the last word and you probably still will, because I tire of this, but I am not sure why you are so condescendingly "holier than thou" in your statements. You seem angry about it, even. I think we all get it, you had bad experiences with and, hate RB cues...
  17. chasrwest

    Best Affordable Cuemakers today?

    $300 in 1993 adjusted for inflation to 2020 is $540.27, still on the low side of the OP's request. The lowest-priced cue on Richard Black's website is currently $1800, but at his age, I suspect he wouldn't turn on the lathe for less than a full custom. The hall of fame induction was after I...
  18. chasrwest

    Best Affordable Cuemakers today?

    Just pointing out that it was possible to buy a quality cue for a good price in the past. Sorry your Black cue didn't meet your requirements. I guess they can't all be gems. Mine plays as well as any cue I have ever held.
  19. chasrwest

    Best Affordable Cuemakers today?

    well, you see, there was a post that said you used to be able to buy a quality cue for cheap, then another that said "MMMMKAY", like that didn't exist. I merely pointed out that it was true with my personal experience. Not that hard to follow and understand. Sorry to offend your...
  20. chasrwest

    Best Affordable Cuemakers today?

    I bought a merry widow cue new, directly from from Richard Black for $300 in 1993. It is still my daily player.