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  1. AJC

    Funny pic/gif thread...

  2. AJC

    Funny pic/gif thread...

    Tomorrow I will be on my way to friona tx to give this bad boy a shot. 4lb burger and 4lbs of fries. Anyway back to the funnies.
  3. AJC


    Any places to hits some balls around here? I'm here until Tuesday.
  4. AJC

    3 year old shooting jump shots

    I know some of you have seen the videos of Aiden when he was 2 years old shooting on the big table. After a long layoff of all things pool(6 months) he decided he wanted to pick up the jump cue last week. Well he did well with that and it seems it's given him a renewed interest in the game...
  5. AJC

    3 year old's first time at the pool hall

    Well I finally got a chance to take the kiddo to the local pool hall and he was amazed to say the least. We have a home table but there is nothing like seeing a pool hall for the first time in all its glory. Here are a few pics(yes that is my ugly mug in the background):
  6. AJC

    There's no wrath like a woman's scorn

    This poor guy just got robbed... I have told my wife in the past that if worse comes to worse she can have everything but my room. Now I'm ready to draft it up after seeing this!
  7. AJC

    Sofa pool table

    Check it out... I have personally never seen this but I thought I would share.
  8. AJC

    Relief cut for side and corner pockets

  9. AJC

    My 2 year old son banging some balls

    I thought I would post some vids of my son hitting some balls. I have a ton of videos like this but these are two that I like. It's nothing fantastic but I am just blown away by how stuck he is on the game. He has to watch a mosconi cup video every night before bed and he loves it more than...
  10. AJC

    WTB: Simonis 860 royal blue for 9' table

    Like the title says. If you have it in HR that would be better. Thanks!
  11. AJC

    Texas Open! Who's going?

    Just curious. This is my first time but I was wondering what AZer's were heading that way. It'd be nice to put a face to the name