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  1. FaithHopeLove

    Looking for predator bk 2

    Looking for predator bk 2. Hit me up!
  2. FaithHopeLove

    How to get out of slump

    Recently I've been in a slump and I'm looking for ways to get out of it as there are tournaments which I need to take part in. How should I get out of this slump?
  3. FaithHopeLove

    WTB Cue Tips

    Looking for G2 soft tips or Sniper tips. Pm me if available
  4. FaithHopeLove

    Deadly Combo For OB Shafts

    Just wondering what's the best tip to use with ob 1, ob 2, ob classic and ob pro shafts respectively..
  5. FaithHopeLove

    Difference in Kamui Tips

    Hey guys I want to find out what is the difference between Kamui original (brown), Kamui black, Kamui original clear and Kamui black clear tips? The hit? The feel? Tell me what's your opinion! [emoji463] [emoji463] [emoji463] [emoji463]
  6. FaithHopeLove

    Mosconi Cup 2013

    I was thinking who are the team players from each side. USA : Johnny Archer is confirm in with buddy hall. Europe : There's only news of Ralf Souquet. Guys, what should the team be make up of?
  7. FaithHopeLove

    WTB Elk Master pool tip 13mm

    Looking for a box of elk master pool cue tip 13mm. Please private message me if you have any to sell. Thanks.
  8. FaithHopeLove

    Getting rid of ferrule scratches

    How to get rid of ferrule scratches? Need urgent help.
  9. FaithHopeLove

    Talisman tips

    Anyone of you tried talisman pro tip? Do you mind sharing your review? Urgent help needed.
  10. FaithHopeLove

    Reviews on Players Cue?

    Hey! Is anyone using players cues? Or had use them before? Can you guys let me know how is it? Need some help.
  11. FaithHopeLove


    Hello guys! I would like to seek your time to just state what chalk you're using and maybe a slight review about it? I am thinking of that what chalk I should stick to. Please advise.
  12. FaithHopeLove

    Mezz or Predator Case?

    Do you guys think Mezz 3x5 case or Predator 4x8 soft case is better?
  13. FaithHopeLove

    WTB Pool Cases

    Looking for mezz 3x5 cases or predator cases. Please pm me if you have any. Thanks!
  14. FaithHopeLove

    How does radial joints look like?

    Anyone who has radial joints could you please post them here? I know there are several radial joints hence I am hoping that you guys might want to help me?
  15. FaithHopeLove

    Urgent Help Needed!! : How to check for any faulty predator limited racer soft case

    I am thinking of buying a second hand predator limited racer soft case 4x8 case. Can I know what or where should I check for any faulty parts?
  16. FaithHopeLove

    Pool cue tips?

    What tips are good which can be found in the common market?
  17. FaithHopeLove

    WTB break cue

    Preferably Genuine X breaker or OB break. However just state whatever you have and I'll pm you if I am interested. Cheers! :)
  18. FaithHopeLove

    Your favourite pool players?

    Who is/are your favourite pool player? Name them here! :)
  19. FaithHopeLove


    Does anyone have back pain after playing pool? Lower part of your back. Nearer to your tailbone.
  20. FaithHopeLove

    What's pool to you?

    When someone says the word pool, what comes to your mind? What's pool to you?