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    Are you still selling the 2x4 Swift case?

    Are you still selling the 2x4 Swift case?
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    I am looking for a 2x4 hard case
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    ZEN CUSTOM CUE (2021-096)

    Are you interested in partial trades?
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    Sold Schon R-8 one of the most popular w/ ivory dice

    I have this old Verl Horn cue in perfect condition, full shafts, ivory ferrules. I would be interested in working out a trade for your schon dice cue, I would be willing to send you the cue first to check it out prior to any deal? Tony Yuzuik 602-518-4053
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    Sold Cynergy Carbon Shaft 3/8 x 10

    Is this still available? (
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    Predator 8" extension

    I need to buy a predator 8" extension ( Tony
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    Sold Beautiful old schon cue for sale

    I talked Evan Clarke a couple of weekends ago and he said he made this cue well over 30 years ago, first $1,495.00 owns this beauty (
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    Looking to buy a Mike Bender Cue

    Can you send me pictures, I have bought cues from you in the past, Tony 602-518-4053 (
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    Looking to buy a Mike Bender Cue

    How much?
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    Looking to buy a Mike Bender Cue

    I am looking to buy a Mike Bender cue. Please send pictures and prices to( thank you
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    Sold Tad pool cue

    I can take better pictures when I get home this afternoon, it has a zebrawood forearm and the very fancy butt, I will get all the specs for you, Mark Nelson in Phoenix Arizona refinished thecue
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    Sold Tad pool cue

    Any interest in a very old Tad pool cue? (
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    BK Rush Redline Break Cue

    Is this still available?
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    Looking to buy bk rush j/b with wrap

    Looking to buy a bk rush j/b with a wrap, asap!
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    Sold BK Rush Jump/Break cue for sale

    How much?
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    Sold 《☆》Richard Black 4 Point Hoppe with Flame Veneers 《☆》

    Is the Richard Black still available? ( )
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    WTB basic player Predator or OB Cue

    Can you please send me pictures of your predator cues (
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    LTB predator air II jump cue

    I am looking to buy a predator air II jump cue, thanks Tony
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    LTB 2x4 case

    Looking to buy a 2x4 hard case, able to hold an extension ( thanks Tony
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    LTB 2x4 predator leather case

    I am looking to buy a predator 2x4 leather pool cue case, old is ok as long as it's in good shape, thanks Tony