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    Need help from Thoes guys live in mason ohio

    Hi guys, is there any professional and nice billiard house or bar for recommendation near mason ohio? Profession should be the first one i consider. thx
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    how toidentify a good shaft?

    as friend said, the as better the shaft be, the more rings it will have. so if rings more than 25 per inch, which level does this maple belong to? any criteria for the maple? also what's the normal price for such kind of shaft? thx
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    <<<looking for a plain jane cue>>>

    looking for mike capone, cash, mc danniel, cory harnart plain cue. please pm me all u have. 2 shafts are preferred. thx.
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    <<<looking for a plain jane cue>>>

    hi guys. my budget is 500. i don't care whether it is used or not as long as the shaft is not tinny. I like the southwest style with maple forearm and hopper ring is perferred. mike capone cue is perferred. Just pm me the spec and pic. thx.
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    WTB blue diamond chalk

    Hi my firiends, do u have any blue diamond chalks? i wanna 20. plz pm me the price(shipped). thx.
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    Anyone know JC Cues?

    who is the cuemaker? is it really customer cue? does the cue play good? thx
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    WTB South West Cue

    Hi Guys, my friend want to buy a sw cue, plz pm me the price and pic. We are in China. If deal, we'll pay thru visa. thx a lot.
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    Feeling of tiger shaft?

    My friends, Have you ever used tiger shaft? Does it play good? I want some advice before I buy one. does it play like 314? or mezz wd700? or z shaft? I enjoy the shaft a little bit soft. Also does G shaft play good? Thanks
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    help! query on dp cue

    Recently I bought a DP cue, the butt is made of ebony totally, with 4 silver ring on it. without any inlay. the shaft is predator z shaft. It feel a little bit heavy which means the gravity is behind. have you ever met this condition? I bought it thru online. what can I do now? Thanks
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    Have you ever used Dale Perry Custom Cue?

    Hi my friends, I'm a pool fan from China. I just wanna but a custom cue. Recently I saw a brand named Dale Perry. Is it totally made by hand?