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  1. bassin91

    Looking for a Coker and a OnQ Case

    Looking for a Coker. Could be a plain cue. Preferably 2 full shafts but one is fine. Could be bar beaten and worn down as long as it's straight and not cracked. Also interested in a Garth Bair OnQ Case 2x4 in any condition. Message me with details and pics. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G920A using...
  2. bassin91

    WTB 2x4 OnQ Case by Garth Bair

    Looking for a 2x4 OnQ Case. Need a case at a reasonable price.
  3. bassin91

    JMW James Michael White

    For sale is a James Michael White Butterfly Cue. In good used condition and both pieces are straight. I don't think any of the white is ivory but I could be wrong. SOLD! . I will ship anywhere in the continental USA for Free Fully Insured! Any other country please request a shipping quote...
  4. bassin91


    For SOLD is a Schon Ebony and Maple Limited with one Schon Shaft. Forearm Birdseye Maple with 8 ebony points. Butt Sleeve Ebony with 8 reverse Birdseye Maple points Joint Piloted 5/16x14 stainless steel joint. Ring Work Single silver trim rings at A, B, C, D & E positions...
  5. bassin91

    Jensen Cue FS Mike Johnson Cue

    For Sale is a old Jensen cue from the 80's. Kind of a Bushka, Szam, Its George style cue in my opinion. Cue is in great used shape for a 30 plus year old cue and was once part of Mike Johnson's personal collection. This cue comes with four shafts. Two are older with ivory ferrules and two are...
  6. bassin91

    Predator Shaft FS

    For sale is a Predator 314-2 5/16-14 thread size shaft. Used a couple weeks and I still have the Predator sock. Asking SOLD CONUS only or Please make me an offer. Any international shipping please PM for quote. I also have a few cues for sale that this will fit on...
  7. bassin91

    Schon Ebony Nice!

  8. bassin91

    Joss Sneaky Pete 6 Ebony Points

    For sale is an older used Joss Sneaky Pete. It a six pointer with one full stiff hitting Joss shaft. Tip: 13 mm Ferrule: "Aegis Linen"- aegis is a linen based plastic that is designed to hit like ivory. Shaft: 29" Pin: Size is 5/16" 14 pitch, stainless steel Forearm: Hard Rock Maple with...
  9. bassin91

    Dennis Searing / Runde Schon Combo

    For sale is a Ebony R6 Runde Era Schon with a custom made Dennis Searing Ivory Ferruled shaft. The Schon butt is in great shape for its age. The Dennis Searing shaft was custom made, with his taper, for a Schon Stainless Steel Joint and fits perfect. I will only sell the butt and shafts together...
  10. bassin91

    Predator 314-2 30 inch and Schon Shafts FS

    I still have the schon limited
  11. bassin91

    Schon with Four Shafts

    Please delete
  12. bassin91

    Free pool table in Detroit?

    This is not mine but I hope that someone locally can take advantage.
  13. bassin91

    Jon Spitz Eight Point Ivory and Flames Cue

    Jon Spitz Ebony Eight Point Ivory and Flames Cue For sale is a Full Splice Jon Spitz Eight Point Ivory and Flame veneered Ebony cue from 2011 made from a John Davis Full Splice blank. John Davis did the points at both ends. The ebony handle was completely cored to keep the John Davis full...
  14. bassin91

    Its George Cue and Case Combo

    For sale is a Red Eel skin Its George case.The case is in good overall shape for its age but needs the zipper on the pouch fixed. It should be a ten dollar fix at most leather or shoe repair shops. If you have any questions at all please PM me and please do not post on this thread. Im trying...
  15. bassin91

    James Michael White JMW Cue

  16. bassin91

    Steve Kornele Ivory and Ebony Classic

    For sale is a gorgeous Steve Kornele razor sharp ebony four pointer that was purchased new in 2013 and used in less than ten racks. It has ivory stitch rings at all positions with a solid ivory joint and one ivory feruled shaft. The ebony in this cue is jet black and looks great against the...
  17. bassin91

    Newer Six Point Coker

    Up for sale is a double veneered six point Coker made in May of 2009. Classic Coker rings at all positions. Great shape and comes with two big full stiff hitting shafts. Butt weight is 15.7 Shaft one weighs 3.6oz and is 12.8mm. Shaft two weighs 3.7oz and is 13mm Sold obo shipped and insured.
  18. bassin91

    Old Six Point Coker

    Up for sale is a double veneered six point Coker made in September of 2000. Classic Coker rings at all positions. Great shape for its age and comes with two big full stiff hitting shafts. Butt weight is 15.2 Both shafts weigh 4.0oz and are 13mm. SOLD obo shipped and insured.
  19. bassin91

    Richard Harris Blue Grass Cue

    Cue is RH03 2007 Butt Weight is 15oz Both shafts are 3.7oz and 13.05mm with Micarta ferrules All three pieces roll straight together and apart. It was an everyday player for 6 years but is in good shape. Fancy cocobola and birds eye maple rings at all positions and matching three piece joint...
  20. bassin91

    Old Schon

    Up for sale is a one of a kind Runde era Schon. It has four razor sharp points and the classic Runde Schon stitch rings at A and B. It also has fancy veneered stitch rings that mimic the veneers in the points at C,D and E. Both shafts have ivory ferrules and hit as firm as any Schon shaft Ive...