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  1. Chickenpimp

    ISO 14mm box of triangle tips/ice breaker shaft

    I'm looking for a box or two boxes of 14mm triangle tips and a tiger ice breaker shaft please let me know if you can help me out
  2. Chickenpimp

    WTT OR Sell MY CUSTOM 1 OF 1

    This is a great Darrin Hill custom cue. Measures 58 inches (29/29/29) inches. The cue butt weighs 15.2 with the current weight bolt and weight bolt adjustable. White joint with black linen phenolic joint collars, ring work is black linen phenolic and white blocks with black and white rings, flat...
  3. Chickenpimp

    WTT 1 of 1 custom

    Hi i am wanting to trade my joe peachaure custom one of one cue. The cue is in great shape rolls straight together and apart. It weight is around 19 to 19.5 if you have any questions plz ask. The email is from joes shop with the value and info on the cue. Looking to trade for something around...
  4. Chickenpimp

    WTB jb rugged

    Looking for a jb rugged case any color 3x6 saw one sell for 115 shipped lioking to spend around that. Please let me know
  5. Chickenpimp

    WTB mike wheeler!!

    Looking to buy a mike wheeler at a good price.
  6. Chickenpimp

    Beautiful wrapless for sale

    I have a beautiful wrapless AE with six purple heart points coming up and six points coming down with a maple and ebony vaneer.The Joint is all ivory with two silver rings on the butt and on both shafts. I beleave the buttcap is all ivory also but not forsure.The handle and the forarm of the cue...
  7. Chickenpimp

    Jensen for trade or sale

    I have a nice custom mike Johnson (Jensen cues) it weighs about 19oz and has four shafts the cue is dead straight I am looking for somthing nice to play with around the same value if you would like to buy I will take sold one shaft has a macarta fuerrel all shaft are about 12.5mm I believe let...
  8. Chickenpimp

    Looking for a STEVE KORNELE cue!!!

    I'm looking for a KORNELE cue at a descent price. Show me what y'all got ;)
  9. Chickenpimp

    **full splice unknown cue**

    ok i have a full splice ebony and birds eye cue with four points and four veneers first one is yellow second one is green third is a pink color the fourth is black it also has 7 silver nickle rings right above the butt cap and the joint collars look to be phenolic i have no idea who made this...
  10. Chickenpimp

    8 point jerry olivier

    jerry olivier ok up for sale is a jerry olivier 8 point cue the point are up and down. The forearm is birdseye maple the points look like some kind of smoked burl wood they look crazy under the lights asking pending sale........
  11. Chickenpimp

    bcm davis full splice hoppe cue

    This cocobolo into cocobolo full splice butt was made by John Davis that bryan mordt converted. It has ivory joint collars and hoppe ring the joint is 3/8 11 has two sliver rings above and below the hoppe ring and also silver dashed ring work around the joint the cue has only been test hit so it...
  12. Chickenpimp

    Wes Hunter Cue

    This is on the Bay ...... ...With NO RESERVE..:eek:. check it out: this is my listing....Thanks for looking and please feel free to bid.:cool:
  13. Chickenpimp

    Nice cues for sale

    I have a couple cues i need to sale quick and they all have a great price first i have a odom sneeky pete for 450 obo then i have a jackson four pointer with a stacked leather wrap for 350 a joss for 200 and a ob1 brand new 108 series would like 500 obo please let me know if you would like pics...
  14. Chickenpimp

    Nice Steve Klein Custom

    hi i am selling my steve klein sneaky the shaft is a about a 12.5mm the pin is a radial and also the joint has ivory squares on both the shaft and butt it has a ivory hoppie ring at the but of the cue i am only asking 400 obo please email pm or email me if have any questions.
  15. Chickenpimp

    Pat Diveney Custom Cue - -Final day

    Final day on this cue on the BAY- - -its a steal of a deal- - - Thanks!!
  16. Chickenpimp

    **Nice Pat Diveney 4 Sale***

    I am selling my pat diveney butterfly cue very nice cue. Birdseye maple forearm with 4 ebony points and handle. Butt sleeve features an amboyna burl butterfly point outlined in blue and dark purpple butterfly veneers. Cue is signed "Diveney 05" has a full 13mm shaft . The cue weight is approx 19...
  17. Chickenpimp

    any tourneys???

    Any tournaments in the San Antonio or Austin area tonight?(friday)