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  1. shawnjohn1984

    Jerry -R- Rauenzahn Cues

    Selling 2 Jerry -R- cues Cue 1 is 30'' butt Ebony points and butt with curly maple handle Radial pin joint with good stuff for the joint No Shaft There is a couple nicks in the joint, see pictures. I do not have a scale to weigh the cues, Cue 1 is about 16.25 oz, Break/ Jump cue is about 16oz...
  2. shawnjohn1984

    Szam styel Jerry Rauenzahn cue

    No original shafts unfortunately
  3. shawnjohn1984

    Penguin rails for a Valley with Simonis Penguin K55 Rails For Valley Pool Table. These are for the 93'' Valley 3-Bolt style table ZD-6 and older. 36.5'' end rail Simonis 860 Tournament Blue installed...
  4. shawnjohn1984

    Szam styel Jerry Rauenzahn cue

    Selling a Szam style -R- custom cue, check out the link
  5. shawnjohn1984

    Sold Diamond Pro Am 9 Foot

    1 piece slate, sale still pending
  6. shawnjohn1984

    Sold Samsara True Splice

    Sorry just sold it like seconds before seeing your post
  7. shawnjohn1984

    Sold Samsara True Splice

    Selling a used Samsara True Splice cue, leather wrap, radial pin joint, Predator extension adapter installed. Offered with 314v2 shaft 12.2mm for $500 or with a brand new Mezz WX700 12.5mm shaft for $600 shipped. Cue weighs about 15.3oz just the butt.
  8. shawnjohn1984

    Sold Diamond Pro Am 9 Foot

    Selling my Blue Label Diamond, It'll be 1 year old in September 2022, 9 foot Pro Am blue label with Pro pockets (4.5'' corners) Table is original, factory cloth still. I do have brand new Predator Arcadia Reserve cloth in tournament blue available for alittle extra. Comes with Diamond cover...
  9. shawnjohn1984

    Misc shafts for sale

    Still have a few shafts available, someone make some offers, taking best offers
  10. shawnjohn1984

    Misc shafts for sale

    Still got a few shafts left
  11. shawnjohn1984

    Predator 12.9mm Revo Used

    Listed a used 12.9mm Revo on the bay $325 Item # 165457522759
  12. shawnjohn1984

    Predator 314 Shafts

    Listed 2 shafts, original Predator 314 and 314v2 5/16x14 joints Item number 165456401091
  13. shawnjohn1984

    Jerry -R- Custom

    Listed on the Ebay since not alot of interest here item number 165456389363
  14. shawnjohn1984

    5/16 14 silver ring shaft with small pilot as in non schon or scruggs pilot. Mine is .845 at joint. in the for sale section Sorry 314 is 12.28mm and 314v2 is12.3mm
  15. shawnjohn1984

    5/16 14 silver ring shaft with small pilot as in non schon or scruggs pilot. Mine is .845 at joint.

    I have 2 predator shafts available, original 314 and 314v2 314 is 12.3 314v2 is 12.5
  16. shawnjohn1984

    Predator 4 Point Sneaky Pete

    $SOLD$ Brand new Predator Sneaky Pete four point full splice cue with green veneers and radial pin. Also comes with Predator bumper for the Predator extensions. COmes with radial pin Predator 314v2 shaft. 12.4mm. Cue weighs 15.7oz, 19.5 with shaft. Asking $SOLD$shipped. Also available with cue...
  17. shawnjohn1984

    Misc shafts for sale

    clearing out on some shafts I have collected over the years. Predator 314-5/16x14 joint 12.28mm 29'' $SOLD$ Predator 314v2-5/16x14 joint 12.3mm 29'' $SOLD$ Mezz WX700 5/16x14 joint12.5mm 29'' $200 Mezz WX700 (Brand new) 12.5mm Radial joint 29'' $250 Mezz WX700 Radial joint 12.5mm 29'' $SOLD$...
  18. shawnjohn1984

    Sold Jerry Rauenzahn Custom 8 Point FS

    Selling one of one cue I had Jerry build a few years back, 8 point with African blackwood and snakewood into tiger curly maple. Titlist veneers, bumperless with extension. Black leather wrap, 29.5'' long, radial pin joint. weighs around 15.66 oz. Extension is a 3'' and 5'' carbon fiber with...
  19. shawnjohn1984

    Brunswick Gold Crown 3 Ebony

    Price drop to $2500
  20. shawnjohn1984

    Jerry Rauenzahn Cues FS

    Cue #1 and #5 are sold