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    loctite super glue

    Sam's Club has a four pack of super glue in the squeeze dispenser for 8.98. You get 2 ultra gel control and 2 ultra liquid control. Great price, Don't know if all Sam's has it. I'm on the coast of NC.
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    Palmer Shaft Collars

    Was wondering if anyone has the Palmer shaft collar material in the mother of pearl that they'd be willing to sell me enough to do two shafts collars. I am building the shafts for a customer and he was fine with the standard black collars but he called and wanted the palmer material. I would...
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    cue supplies??

    Does any a to z ers ever deal with or receive email from ? I have been receiving emails from these people and was wondering if they are ligit. thanx greg
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    Whatever became of the "suit case" lathe?
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    shaft with 3/8-10 thread

    A customer wants his 3/8-10 shaft modified to screw onto a radial pin. Has anyone ever tapped the 3/8-10 threads directly with the radial tap? I know to drill, plug, center drill, and tap. I tried a test piece by tapping with the radial and then retapping with the 3/8-10. The radial and the...
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    revisit finish over wrap

    Sorry about a lack of enough info. I have stripped a meucci down to the wood and the customer wants the original wrap to remain. So all is complete except for refinishing the entire cue. My question to all responders is what should I seal the cue and wrap with on the first seal coat to...
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    finish over wrap

    Getting ready to apply a seal coat over irish linen and was wondering if there are some tips that I need to know before I continue. This is the first time attempting this. First coat was going to be 20 min finish cure. Thanx for all input.
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    joss weight bolt

    Does anyone have any experience with changing the wt bolt on a joss? The bumber is screwed in with an 8/32 hex, but when removed there is a nut looking wt bolt, maybe 1/2 inch head without a lot of room to put a socket on it, tried a thin wall with no luck. I have not figured out how to post...
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    WTB Wrap Magic

    Lokking for a used wrap magic. Anybody have one they want to get rid of?
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    antique white linen wrap

    A customer wanted a white wrap installed. I had never done or have had a request for solid white(just happened to have some I was experimenting with). It was being installed on a rosewood handle. After making sure I had a tight wrap so the rosewood wouldn't show thru I cleaned and pressed...
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    thanks to Chuck Starkey

    I was in Missouri this past weekend for my wife's family reunion with some time to kill. I did a search for cue makers in my area and found Chuck just a few miles down the road and gave him a call. "come on over pardner" and we'll swap some stories for a few hours. I met chuck and his 2 dogs...
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    G5 epoxy

    In Chris's video on finishing cues he uses a torch to heat the cue cote sealerto remove air bubbles; does the G5 also need to be torched when applying as a sealer? Used G5 on an ebony forearm to seal and got little white specks in the sealer, couldn't sand it out and had to strip the forearm...
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    thanks to veterans

    A special thanks to all veterans and the families and friends that supported them during their sevice years. I appreciate and applaud your patriotic service!!:thumbup:
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    replacing a stainless joint collar

    Need some advice on removing a stainless joint collar. I've tried using leather and turning at high speed to heat, pliers to grip and turn with no luck. Anyone got a trade tip that I can try other than cutting the collar off? Customer wants me to replace it with cocobola. Appreciate all...
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    cocobola handle

    When using cocobola for the handle should you bore and core before tapering the handle or taper first almost to final dimensions then bore and core? thanx for any input. cribbeecues
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    Butt Cap

    I need some advice on a McDermott butt cap. Had to reinstall a customers butt cap on a McD and refinish. Black with a wolf overlay. I keep losing the white on the clover when I sand the butt. Any tips on how to keep the white outline for the clover with the M inside shy of sending it back to...
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    linen wraps

    Was wondering if anyone can provide info on how the production cue companies put the wrap on a cue so quickly? Do they do it by hand or do they have a special machine to put the linen on? If they have a special tool does anyone have a picture or video on it being used and where to get one...
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    meucci black dot

    A customer snapped his ferrule off a black dot. I can put a new tenon in it but was wondering how deep to go and will the lamination be compromised on the shaft? thanx cribbeecues
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    tip to ferrule combos

    Has anyone ever posted their opinions on the best combinations of which tips work better with which ferrules ? Just looking for cuemaker experiences and expertise. cribbeecues
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    one piece phenolic break ferrule

    Was wondering if anyone has an idea about how long a phenolic break ferrule should last a customer? Put one on for a customer a couple of months ago and he has called saying it has blown apart on him. Could this be the material or possibly workmanship? Thanx for all input. Cribbeecues