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  1. HaroldWilson

    Old Gold Crown 3 Possible Restoration

    I know, but I am a bit stuck as I live in WA and they don't play the game here and I can't buy a decent table other than Chinese knockoffs. I have looked at a Rasson or Diamond but they want 11K+ for them.
  2. HaroldWilson

    Old Gold Crown 3 Possible Restoration

    Hi, thank you I will have a look. They want 3K AUD but I am trying to get them down. I am guessing it will take a minimum of 3K to get it transported and then the body restored with new cloth and cushions. So I will be in for at least 6K, possibly more if i get any surprises..
  3. HaroldWilson

    Old Gold Crown 3 Possible Restoration

    Hello, I am thinking of buying an old Gold Crown 3 which has been sitting in a shed for a few years. I am in Australia and these tables are like hens teeth so I want to restore it. Are there any issues I should look for when inspecting the table before purchase, such as wood movement etc and how...
  4. HaroldWilson

    Travelling with ivory and a CITIES Certificate

    Has anyone gone through the process?
  5. HaroldWilson

    Travelling with ivory and a CITIES Certificate

    I am based in Australia and wish to travel overseas with my Black Boar. I have read that I will need a CITES Pre-Convention Certificate to travel with it. This covers: Asian elephants to the protected list on 1 July 1975 and African elephants on 26 February 1976. So if I can proved that the...
  6. HaroldWilson

    Carom Tournament Table Size

    I have been watching carom on Youtube and was wondering what standard table size is used for the world championships and pro events? for example in the video
  7. HaroldWilson

    Selling Cues without Pictures

    I look through the For Sale section every now and then and am just wondering if people buy cues that are advertised without photos of the cue? Personally I need to see what I am buying first. However, everyone is different, so can anyone tell me why they would do it?
  8. HaroldWilson

    Predator Samsara S-E5

    Predator Samsara Special Edition S-E5 made by Samsara I am selling this cue from my collection. Everything rolls straight and the balance is exceptional. The cue is made of Gabon Ebony and Holly. It was recently rewrapped and finished by Dave Rust at Predator. He also matched the cue with a...
  9. HaroldWilson

    Burton Spain Joint

    Quick question, Does anyone know what Spain used as a material in the butt joint for this cue? Is it just a phenolic material that he has tapped a thread straight into? If so would this hold up over time? I am looking at using the same design with a 5/16x18 pin inserted into the shaft for...
  10. HaroldWilson

    Whats the best club in London, England?

    Hi everyone, i have to be in London next week for a business trip and looking for the best club with American tables, any suggestions? Cheers
  11. HaroldWilson

    Getting the break consistant

    I have started playing 9ball after a long rest focusing on one pocket. My opponent racks the balls with the 9-ball on the spot and the 2ball at the back of the pack. I have been breaking from close to the left cushion near the head string and hitting the 9-ball on the left hand side with low...
  12. HaroldWilson

    Pool record keeping app?

    I am starting to play 9ball more often and years ago used to keep a book of the number of break and run outs in each session. I have set a target and wish to monitor my progress again but this time with my tablet and wondered if any pool apps can do this for me? Cheers
  13. HaroldWilson

    What is it with bridges and pool players?

    I watch a lot of pool on youtube and regularly see top professional players over stretching to play very important often vital shots and seem to avoid using the bridge at all costs often to their detriment. I also hear commentators say oh the player has to use the bridge now which could stop...
  14. HaroldWilson

    Whats the next match - Tony Chohan Vs Frost or Pagulayan?

    So I have been watching the Tony Chohan vs Dennis Orcollo match from the beginning and must say I was blown away! Chohan has incredible shot making ability and to play under that kind of pressure is truly brilliant, another class, another world. Anyway, what other masterpiece is in the making...
  15. HaroldWilson

    Dress Code and Pool Sponsorship

    I have been flicking through the posts on the forum recently and reading about lack of sponsorship etc. At the same time I have been flicking through youtube watching players compete in big competitions such as the Derby City Classic or these large one pocket money games and see players in...
  16. HaroldWilson

    Any angles around travelling with ivory?

    Hi, My playing cue is the Black Boar in my aviator. Now I have a collection of cues but the Boar is the closest to my game and I don't like playing without it. Secondly, I travel a lot around Asian and from Australia to Europe and UK at least every 3 months. Anyway I have always taken my Boar...
  17. HaroldWilson

    Best Glue for Carbon Fibre Backing Pad

    Hello, I have a ferrule-less shaft. Can anyone please tell me the best glue to stick a carbon fibre backing pad directly onto the top of the shaft wood? Cheers
  18. HaroldWilson

    One Pocket Etiquette - Potting ball off break

    I am a complete beginner at one pocket and trying to learn the ropes. Anyway today after playing 2 pretty poor sets of 8ball my friend and I decided to play some runs to 3 in one pocket. During one of my breaks I decided to hit the 3rd ball from the top of the rack to open them up a bit...
  19. HaroldWilson

    WTB: 30 inch 314 2nd or 3rd Edition Uniloc Shaft

    Looking for one in original condition 12.75mm Cheers
  20. HaroldWilson

    WTB: 30 inch 314 1st Edition Uniloc Shaft

    Looking for a 30 inch 314 1st Edition Uni-loc Shaft that is in the original condition. Please show me what you have :-)