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    King of the value cues?

    I'd vote Schmelke or the GS series from McDermott would be king of the value cues.
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    Took The Old McDermott Out For A Stroll Today

    It was around $380
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    Took The Old McDermott Out For A Stroll Today

    My daily player is a D15 that I bought used but not abused. Sent it back to McDermott for a refinish, new wrap, weighted to my specs and new GCore shaft with matching rings. It plays great. No one should ever hesitate to have McDermott refinish any of their classic C or D series.
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    DerbyCity responce

    Greg, I've been attending DCC since the very first one in 1999. I can even remember the days at Oliver's Billiards when your ideas for DCC first started getting bantered around. The idea for a tournament for the masses is still a great one. I for one appreciate the opportunity to attend a...
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    Longoni break cue

    Has anyone ever used the Longoni break cue? At $280 it seems like a bargain for a well made break cue.
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    rings from one shaft to another

    Can the rings and shaft collar be removed from one shaft and used on a new shaft when building it?
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    McDermott D15 butt and new shaft balance question

    Good point about it being in your head. I'll probably not worry about as the current bolts don't work in the D series cues. Messing with it may create an issue.
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    McDermott D15 butt and new shaft balance question

    The current McDermott weight bolts do not work in the D15 cues. The only option would be to cut the weight bolt or find a D series bolt. Jayme at McDermott said the weight bolt is actually part of the wooden bumper so if it's a 3" weight bolt it may be an issue to cut any off because there may...
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    McDermott D15 butt and new shaft balance question

    I play a McDermott D15 (a real beauty) with a G Core shaft with matching collar that I had McDermott make. Cue is 19.6 as is. As my stroke has developed and gotten better with the GCore shaft I'm feeling the cue is a bit rear end heavy. I've played a few 19 oz modern cues with LD shafts and...
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    change McDermott D15 butt weight

    I had McDermott refinish my D15 and make a GCore shaft for it and add a weight bolt which made it 19.6 oz. As my stroke has developed with the GCore shaft I'm feeling like the cue is just a bit butt heavy. I'm thinking of making the cue 19 oz. My understanding is that D series cues use old...
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    shaft taper question

    This is what I thought too but then I see shafts like the Jacoby Ultra Pro which has a 19" taper and is extremely low deflection. And the Jacoby Kielwood is 16" taper and I've heard it is also great in the low deflection properties. This is where I got confused. How are they getting low...
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    shaft taper question

    I play a McDermott D15 with a McDermott G Core shaft with pro taper, 10-12" I would guess. I see many of the aftermarket shafts like the Jacoby Ultra Pro or Meucci Pro or Jacoby Kielwood with pro tapers around 15-16" or even 19". Seems like the carbon fiber shafts all have longer tapers also...
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    OB cues shut down?

    Wasn't there an announcement a while back that Tony Chohan and Robert Frost were now both sponsored by OB Cues?
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    OB Phoenix shaft review ?

    Would anyone care to do a review of your OB Phoenix shaft? I would love some information and thoughts.
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    Shout Out & Thanks to CJ Wiley!

    My daughter took a private lesson with CJ. It was a game changer for her. I paid close attention too and have applied his teaching to my game. Playing my best pool ever now.
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    For Sale -Vintage McDermott $350

    Is the butt and shaft straight together and apart? I'd like to see additional pictures to see condition.
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    OB Phoenix Shaft 12.3 or 12.8

    For those playing the OB Phoenix shaft did you choose 12.3 or 12.8? And where you satisfied or wished you had chosen differently?
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    Torrified maple shaft

    I'm considering a torrified maple shaft. I've hit the OB Phoenix and loved it. Would love to hear some reviews of those playing a torrified maple shaft.
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    Extension on break cue as extra option ?

    I can't put an extension on my playing cue because is a D series McDermott. Thinking about putting a Stinger break shaft on a McDermott G222 to make it a break cue. Would I be crazy to have McDermott put the Engage bumper for the Engage extension on the G222 with break shaft for the rare times...
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    Coos Cues-Cocobolo/Leather Wrap/LD Shaft

    What pin? What is mm of the shaft?