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  1. PRED

    Cue market

    Buying? Selling? Holding? Pawning? (either end) Seller's, it's early in this crisis, noticed any decline in purchases?
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    Brought an old friend home
  3. PRED

    Tad BEM ringwork

    Need to purchase 2 rings or a billet of the veneered ring used in the merry widow BEM cues. Immediate Paypal if you have them.
  4. PRED

    Case ID

    Seller says it is a Schon, I think it is a Kelli. What say you?
  5. PRED

    Poolgod23 Robstown, TX

    Looking to contact this AZ member about a cue for sale. Any helpwould be much appreciated!
  6. PRED

    Cues rarely seen for sale

    Peterson, Martin come to mind. Showman, Searing for modern cues. What ya got?
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    Test pics

    . .
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    Florida Fred?
  9. PRED


    Anybody know how to get in touch with PG23?
  10. PRED

    Goldfinger's table

    In Goldfinger the evil villain has a pool table with a rotating bed. Wonder where that table is today?
  11. PRED

    Example of Jack Justice cues?

    Example of Jack Justis cues? Who has one to show off? Crazy wraps on Titleists?
  12. PRED

    Dangerous Pool