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    Useful tip on chalk holders

    I find the broad rubber bands help when wrapped around my V10. Slows the roll when one gets dropped or falls off the rail. Bright color helps too
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    Lucasi Hybrid with leather wrap marked 904 Radial 15 oz 29" Worn but not abused Revo wvp 3.75 oz 29" Kamui black hard lightly used $475 f&f Shipped UPS insured in CONUS
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    Jimmy White vs Judd Trump live

    Trump was down by 20 with 27 on...missed the yellow. White wins 4-2. Congratulations Jimmy
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    Jimmy White vs Judd Trump live

    Trump, again. White leads 3-2
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    Jimmy White vs Judd Trump live

    Trump pulls one back on a late tactical error by White. 3-1 White leads
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    Jimmy White vs Judd Trump live

    Jimmy breaks leading 3-0
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    Jimmy White vs Judd Trump live

    Jimmy is up 2 - 0. Early third frame
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    Wood or carbon?

    How old are they? How long have they been playing? How long with the current cue? And, cost?
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    Wood or carbon?

    The FSR "What's in the Bag" interview has the kid saying he used Predator long before they sponsored him
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    Skyler Woodward "Whats In The Bag"

    Alright...we got it
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    ld wood shaft opinions

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    ld wood shaft opinions

    Need to explain "even for old people".
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    Out of interest.

    JJ mentioned Earl's 11pack in PLP commentary today. His take was the insurance company wanted more proof like more tape showing all the racks.
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    Molinari Gloves

    PNS at 10 bux is best bargain. My playing glove just had its third washing. All threading is ontact, fingers do not roll and color not faded. Check Ali Baba. Make sure you pay attention to shipping.
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    Why running English for multiple rails kicks?

    Usually hit a firm stroke. Running english offsets the "shortening" effect of the firm hit.
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    Dan Harriman's Cue Sports Prep Academy

    But, without this thread, we might never have found zero deflection shafts.
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    Savannah “The RoadRunner” Easton using a wood shaft?

    Video pls. Using, not selling
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    Shaw UK Junior Open

    Well, first, she wouldn't pick anyone over Jayson. Darren served the suspension, and said he was wrong. But, I feel he has done at least as much as Shaw in helping pool players and the game.
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    New break rules for Hey Ball (Chinese 8-ball)

    Watched some heyball last night and wondered why they were breaking so hard against a template. Usually, they hit straight(ish) trying to make the second row balls on the side. This change has cut down on break and runs.