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  1. jchance

    World 8 ball championship 2017

    Surprised not to see a thread on this announcement from yesterday: Didn't see anything on social media about it either, seems like it has kinda slipped under the radar.
  2. jchance

    Best bank pool matches online

    I've only played bank pool a handful of times and I'm interested in learning about the strategy of the game. Can anyone recommend some good full-length matches to watch on YouTube or another website for example? I don't see a lot out there and I was looking in particular for John Brumback...
  3. jchance

    Cue table mobile app/site?

    Hi everyone, I'm looking for a smartphone app that I can use to remember shots that I want to practise later e.g. missed shots during a tournament. I found this one advertised on Billiards Digest, but it is not free and there are two different versions for 8-ball and...
  4. jchance

    Head movement

    So I didn't play much pool over the holiday season but have been practising hard this week for a French national tournament coming up on Saturday. Have been playing below par of late and having a few issues with an old bad habit of mine - HEAD MOVEMENT. I've been told about this basic...
  5. jchance

    BIH in the kitchen

    I'm sure this rule has been discussed here before, so sorry if it is a duplicate thread but am bringing this up as the situation came up in my regional 14.1 tournament in Paris on Saturday. Midway through the match, my opponent scratched with the CB in a pocket so I had BIH from the kitchen...
  6. jchance

    NYC Grind website No updates since June - anybody know what happened to this website? I tried contacting the editor and one of the contributors but no reply. It's a shame, I particularly used to enjoy reading the instructional blog on there.
  7. jchance

    1-rail / 2-rail kicking systems using midpoint

    Does anyone know whether, when calculating for kicking systems using a midpoint, it should be the midpoint between the CB and the object ball, or the midpoint between the CB and the ghost ball (which obviously can vary according to the contact point we are aiming for on the OB). I'm talking...
  8. jchance

    Free live stream now: Predator French Open final

    Marc Bijsterbosch (HOL) vs Imran Majid (GBR) 9 Ball race to 11 getting underway shortly Tune in at
  9. jchance

    ★ world 9 ball championship ★ qatar★

    Interesting situation which comes up pretty often!
  10. jchance

    Dynamite Open 2015

    The 2nd edition of the Predator Dynamite Open will be taking place this weekend at Club Arta in Brasov, Romania. As you can see on the link below, many international players will be participating this year with the World Championship just around the corner. Immonen, Hohmann, Klatt, Morra...
  11. jchance

    French national championships

    The end of season championships are taking place from 16 - 21 June in Evian, France. The top 16 ranked players on the national tour battle for titles in 14.1, 10 ball, 8 ball and 9 ball. Vincent Facquet just won the 14.1 title and the 8 ball has now begun. Free live stream of all tables at...
  12. jchance

    Handicaps: spot a ball or give a headstart

    What are the most commonly used handicaps in the USA to give weight? Here in France, you don't often see people spotting someone the 8 or another ball - it's more likely to be giving a few racks start e.g. 3 headstart in a race to 9. Would you rather give up a headstart of a few racks or let...
  13. jchance

    Intentional hit on 9 ball with no attempt to touch cue ball

    Hey, Joe from France here. Just got out of a regional 9 ball tournament and had an odd situation come up in a match. I played a perfect safety, tying up the cue ball behind a couple of balls so the opponent had to shoot a jacked up 2 rail kick up and down the table to contact the lowest number...
  14. jchance

    Rule question: cue ball touching foot spot

    I had this situation come up in a tournament recently and wasn't sure what to do. We don't play too much 14.1 over in Europe so I hope you guys across the pond can help out with this :) I made the 14th ball, leaving the CB just above the rack to shoot the break ball in the side. The CB wasn't...
  15. jchance

    Advice please on Billiards magazines

    Hi I am a pool fan from Europe and would like to subscribe to a US billiards magazine if its not too expensive with delivery. Can you guys tell me which magazines are currently published e.g. Billiards digest / Inside Pool magazine and recommend the one you think is best? Thanks a lot!!!
  16. jchance

    shooting straight / not turning wrist

    I noticed recently that I had started getting back into a bad habit of turning my wrist slightly when I get down on a shot and therefore the cue not going through straight. This must be in the process of getting down into the shot because when I cue up to the ball a couple times there is no...
  17. jchance

    Cue tip care

    I have been playing pool for a few years but I am not an expert on equipment by any stretch of the imagination (I prefer to concentrate on shooting and making the balls!). A few people have told me I need to look after my tip better as it is getting out of shape. What are the things I should...
  18. jchance

    Pool drills

    Hi everyone from a pool fan in Europe! Just want to share this page of drills I put together on Lots of different ideas to try, any suggestions welcome!