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  1. Masirib5

    MP Cup! PacMan International Tournament

    Info here:!about/c66t and on FB We are happy to inform you that we are having an international pool event to be held on September 01-12, 2014 in General Santos City, South Cotabato,Philippines, titled MP CUP-GENSAN...
  2. Masirib5

    AEPC Manila 2014

    6 months ago I was selected to play on "The Manila Patriots" team and proud of that! It should be a great event! Pat Diveney is supplying a cue to be raffled off at the event. Big thanks to Pat from the AEPC management! --Jeff...
  3. Masirib5

    Show your JoeyInCali cue photos please

    I would really like to see examples of some of your cues by JoeyInCali. And Joey, if you have new photos, please show here ok? Thanks --Jeff
  4. Masirib5

    Moori Medium Equivalent?

    I searched but I could not find the answer. I'm trying to find the Kamui or other tip manufacturer that might make a tip that is equivalent to a Moori Medium tip. Thanks --Jeff
  5. Masirib5

    The Perfect Break

    I did a AZ search and didn't find this posted before so... --Jeff
  6. Masirib5

    Gabe Owen Thread Removed? Mod please at least give me your thoughts

    What happened to the thread about Gabe Owen? As the OP I had made the thread because I had not heard about Gabe maybe for about a year. That was my recollection. I had no idea he was in legal trouble. I thought maybe he just threw in the towel on being a pool player and had another job or...
  7. Masirib5

    How to make a full spliced cue?

    Can someone show how (with photos) how a full spliced cue is made? Are there different methods or basically just one? If the answer has been posted before, please point to it. Thanks --Jeff
  8. Masirib5

    FS: TAR Action Challenge 3 - Shane vs. Alex

    I'm withdrawing this for sale item. Maybe in the future it will make more sense to sell them. Thanks for everyone's time. --Jeff 11 Disk set in 3 DVD cases. All original. Used but not abused. Race to 100. This is the best quality and, IMO, the best match of all time given the miraculous...
  9. Masirib5

    Mika Immonen?

    Anyone know what Mika has been doing lately? He set the pool world on fire a few years ago but I haven't heard of him winning or playing much. I'm sure he can compete but I find it odd that I never hear his name mentioned and never in a TAR matchup possibility. Anyone? Thanks --Jeff
  10. Masirib5

    Tony Bautista ebony cue

    Update: Price drop to $375 includes free FedEx shipping from Davao City, Philippines. A bargain for such a nice cue. I accept PayPal. Please send me PM if you want this nice cue! The cue is nearly perfect. Beautiful African Ebony cored with maple. The hit is nice! I bought it from Tony in mid...
  11. Masirib5

    FS Chuck Starkey 100 year old Rosewood

    SOLD - Thanks AZ! Hi, I'm selling my nice Chuck Starkey cue. The cue is in original condition and has been in a case in my air conditioned bedroom for 3 years. Hasn't seen much use except for the first few months when I first got it. My wife was using it but she doesn't play much at all...
  12. Masirib5

    Best 9 Ball Player in the World?

    Well I don't know but my vote is for Ronnie Alcano. Enjoy! --Jeff
  13. Masirib5

    Star Billiard Center

    I got this from the Star Billiard Center FB post. Good chance to see some great play. Superstars vs. some virtual unknows. This is starting in about 2.5 hours. 12pm Manila time. Star Billiards Center Skechers 10-ball cup Top 16 single knockout race 11 1. Dodong didal vs jefta palencia 2...
  14. Masirib5

    US Open checks not honored?

    I saw a message from Huidji See on his FaceBook page that said he went to the bank in VA where the check was written from but the bank said the account didn't exist. WTF? --Jeff
  15. Masirib5

    Ronnie the Rat thread?

    What happened to Dippy's thread about giving Ronnie Wiseman a nickname? I thought it was just funny and not something that should have been removed. Too bad. --Jeff
  16. Masirib5

    Received my GCIII

    Just got the table shipped from Manila and received it yesterday. From all I have read on this forum, I thought that GCIIIs had brunstone or blue slate or whatever??? Here are the labels on my table. The label says Italian Slate.
  17. Masirib5

    Wanted: Cloth suggestions

    Hi, I'm looking for the best cloth and I'm on a tight budget. I love Simonis 860HR as RKC put on my table when I loved in California a couple years ago, but no way can I afford that. I'm retired and living in the Philippines and live on social security. Anyone have any suggestions for a good...
  18. Masirib5

    Wanted: Simonis 860HR

    Hi, I'm looking for Simonis 860HR for a 9 foot table. Anyone have some for a inexpensive price? Send me a PM with the info. Thanks --Jeff
  19. Masirib5

    Alex Pagulayan's Cue

    I tried to search for this but did't find the answer. I watched all 3 days of the Shane/Alex war on TAR PPV and noticed Alex's cue and it seemed pretty nice but I really didn't recognize it. Anyone know what he is shooting with these days? Thanks --Jeff
  20. Masirib5

    My New pat Diveney Cue

    It is really a beauty! Pat is a good friend and we collaborated on the design elements.