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  1. mr.vmax

    New Mezz Cocobolo Sneaky

    I have one left, new Mezz Cocobolo Sneaky with white juma inlays and hopped ring, 12.5mm and 19oz, shaft is 4.4oz and butt is 14.6, and double silver rings at joints $525 shipped Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G930A using Tapatalk
  2. mr.vmax

    Pechaue rogue carbon

    We just got in a Pechauer Rogue carbon fiber shats in. $475 shipped ea 3/8 x 10 12.4mm .850 joint pechauer pro series 5/16 x 14 12.4mm
  3. mr.vmax

    Mezz ignite united

    I have 1 Mezz Ignite shaft 12.2mm left in a United 5/16x14 pin $600 shipped USA
  4. mr.vmax

    Mezz ignite carbon fiber

    I have 3 Brand New Mezz Ignite Carbon Fiber Shafts for Sale 1x United 5/16 x14 joint they are both 12.2mm Zan Plus2 (M) 1- WAVY Joint 12.2mm Zan Plus2 (M) SOLD $560 Each Shipped USA ONLY
  5. mr.vmax

    Pechauer custom sneakys with Rogue Shafts

    Fresh batch in, Pechauer P02 custom done, Ebony stained uppers and unstained lower with the Rogue Carbon Fiber shaft 11.8mm are 19oz $680ea Shipped EBONY AND WINE IS SOLD [IMG] Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G930A using...
  6. mr.vmax

    New Mezz Ignite

    SOLD SOLD SOLD I have one Mezz Ignite Carbon Fiber shaft that's the United joint and 12.2mm comes with the Zan tip $595 shipped Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G930A using Tapatalk
  7. mr.vmax

    Break tips on black tomahawk

    I'm having problems with break tips staying on a carbon fiber shaft made with the black tomahawk ferrule. tried gel and thin glues, cleaning with alcohol and even install the tip on a pad, tip stayed but pad came off. any solutions or tips? thanks in advance
  8. mr.vmax

    New mezz ignite carbon fiber

    I JUST GOT IN ONE MORE OF THE MEZZ IGNITE 12.2MM UNITED JOINT We have a New Mezz Inginte carbon fiber 12.2mm shaft for sale it has the Zan Plus M tip and its the United joint 5/16x14 $595 shipped USA BOTH ARE SOLD. THANK YOU RAYMOND IN HI. AND TINH IN MA BOTH WILL BE SHIPPED TOMORROW
  9. mr.vmax

    looking for leather wrap jig

    anyone have a leather wrap jig they don't use anymore? just checking before I get one from Unique
  10. mr.vmax

    Anyone know this logo?

    Seen a nice cue over the weekend but nobody knows the maker. Thank you in advance Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G930A using Tapatalk
  11. mr.vmax

    Revo retipping

    Just curious? Do you guys charge extra for retipping the Revo cues or use the same price reguardless of shaft?
  12. mr.vmax

    New josey

    Brand New 2015 Josey with 2 shafts, both shafts weigh 3.8oz Butt is 15.6oz total is 19.4, Made with a Beautiful Cocobolo and Black Linen wrap $700 shipped
  13. mr.vmax

    Cyborg cell break tips

    Anyone use a different glue or anything different about the cyborg cell tips? Just got my first batch in?
  14. mr.vmax


    I know there are a ton of diffenet chalks out there now, Master is the standard, liked the blue diamond, then personly thought the Predator chalk worked better for me, Any body try some they thought was better, like the G2, the Kamui I wont try at $25-30 per cube, tjhoughts?
  15. mr.vmax

    Custom New Pechauer Sneaky

    I have a custom made Pechauer Sneaky in a Ebony and Wine Stain. Upgraded to a Pro stainless joint, 12.75mm tip and 19oz. SOLD shipped Other cue is already sold I do have other pechauers, schons and josey
  16. mr.vmax

    New Predator Roadline Sneaky

    New Predator Roadline Sneaky upgraded with a Z3 shaft Black stain with green veneers and curley maple $475 shipped no trades
  17. mr.vmax

    New 2015 Josey w/2 shafts

    I have a Brand New 2015 Josey with 2 shafts, both shafts weigh 3.8oz Butt is 15.6oz total is 19.4, Made with a Beautiful Cocobolo and Black Linen wrap $700 shipped
  18. mr.vmax

    New Josey Cocobolo

    New Cocobolo Josey with two shafts, black linen wrap, Both shafts are 3.9oz and 13mm Butt is 15.6oz 19.5oz no Trades $700 shipped...
  19. mr.vmax

    New Gilbert Bloodwood

    New Gilbert Bloodwood jump /break 18oz, leather samsara tip SOLD SOLD
  20. mr.vmax

    New Gilbert

    New Andy Gilbert with Beautiful High figure Cocobolo comes with two shafts 3.8oz 4.1oz Butt is 15oz SOLD SOLD SOLD