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  1. formidableone14

    Chalk Wars Photography - Photos of Battle Damage. Post Up!

    Got a new piece from a buddy so stopped using the Balabushka.
  2. formidableone14

    Vintage Willie Hoppe Titlist conversion.???

    Looking for input/info on this cue. Got a friend selling it and wondering if its worth the price tag.....$$$685 1930's Willie Hoppe Titlist custom conversion done by Chuck Starkey Titlist veneers 3/8x10 pin 18.5 oz 12.8 mm old growth shaft Elk horn joint, ferrule, butt cap
  3. formidableone14

    Why is the APA so frowned upon?

    I know in my area, Denton, Texas you have the WORST league operator known to the world. PPL go to the extremes to show him, have a look see lol. Local APA players back window on his car.
  4. formidableone14

    shooters pain

    So Ive been shooting alot more lately, approx 5-8hrs a day. Coming with this amount of shooting is PAIN. The worst of it seems to be my bridge hands shoulder followed by a uncomfortable knee pain (same side as my bridge hand) and then normal sore back/hips. Will this pain go away with time...
  5. formidableone14

    Consistency question.....cue related

    Cue related??? Little background info on me first, I started playing when I was 16 until i was 20. Stopped b/c I started working later had a daughter and money was not always available for me to keep shooting. I am now 29 and started palying about 4 months ago. I bought a poison cue, liked...
  6. formidableone14

    Chemically enhanced......found this odd bc...

    Last night at my league night I was talking with an older gentlemen by the name of "B". This conversation started b/c he was selling the CJ Wiley TOI discs and he does minor cue repairs while at the pool hall. He was telling me about how he played with CJ and some of the "inside knowledge" he...
  7. formidableone14

    Lava chalk?

    Whats this stuff all about? Here's what we know about Lava chalk. The stuff is made from lava rocks that have been pulverized into a fine powder. The idea behind using lava rock goes a little something like this: Lava rocks are created...
  8. formidableone14

    Cue joint issue

    Not sure if its ok to ask about this or not, but my Mcdermott cue's joint is starting to fall apart. When I attempt to tighten the shaft down the joint has about 2-3 mm of play (on the butt side) that it rotates. Is there a way to correct this without he need to send it off to be repaired?
  9. formidableone14

    New faces to shoot with..

    :cool: Im not to sure how I should approach this but here we go...I live in Dallas Texas, Lewisville to be more specific. Im looking for some shooters to play with on Mon and Thurs(free pool) nights. I know of maybe 2 ppl right now I can shoot with and one is far below my skill level and a...
  10. formidableone14

    Info on this cue maker...?

    Ran across a cue maker in Texas and their business goes by Thomas Custom cues, just trying to find out if anyone has had any of his cues before or still plays with one? Just looking for some info on them thanks!!
  11. formidableone14

    Should I switch to low deflection shaft?

    So I made a post about looking to jump into a new cue, and in doing so I have also found TONS of info on LDS. I have ALWAYS played with a reg maple shaft and do so well imo. Now the question is, should I go ahead and pick up a new LDS when getting my cue or stick with the conventional...
  12. formidableone14

    LF a new cue....need some advice.....

    So Im in the market for a new cue, NEW, so pls no offers on used ones from members although I do appreciate it. Right now I have three main focus brands and they would be Schon, Lucasi and Joss. I currently am playing with a retired Mcdermott cue (M7-QR1) and have used it for the past 10...
  13. formidableone14

    Mcdermott Taos M64e for sale

    Im needing to sell my cue, it has only been shot with maybe 3-4 times. Great cue in great condition I just dont play as much as i thought i would. This cue is a cue of the month fom december 2006. No nicks, cuts or warps great condition. Im located in the dallas ft worth area and my email...