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  1. Sensation

    Tip Touch ... tip burnisher ...

    So, has anybody tried these products mentioned up there ↑ Fiebing's Edge Kote Eco-Flo Tandy Neat Lac Waterproof, holds longer than spit, flexible, won't damage the leather or the glue of the tip. If be curious to know what's the best for laminated tips?
  2. Sensation

    A finish that is grippy / sticky

    Hey everyone! I have a 4 inch. extension on my cue, but it gets kinda slippery when I get nervous What's an easy finish I can put on it to get a wrapless but "tacky" feel? Lacquer? Floor poly? Epoxy? I don't think I'd like any noticeable diameter to be added up to my cue extension actual...
  3. Sensation

    Shaft conditioner

    Hi all! I'm looking for the best shaft conditioner there is. I want this thing to slide like never before. I take good care of my equipment and I seal my shafts. I've tried Renaissance also. I've toyed around with cuesilk or equivalent (hello, biosilk!) and it eventually gunks up. Sooooo...
  4. Sensation

    Mezz wavy joint PIN for a homemade lathe with drill

    I just got a Mezz cue with a WX700 shaft. I used to have a shaft with a 5/16 X 14 joint. My homemade lathe that uses a drill and some Lego pieces and a very precious 5/16 X 14 pin was all I needed to do some maintenance on my shaft. I don't have a Mezz wavy joint pin to put in my drill. Can I...
  5. Sensation

    From Predtor 314-2 to...?

    Hi people of the forums, I just started playing pool again after almost a decade of "I have other important stuff to achieve in my life". I have a Pred 314-2 shaft (that I like) and my backup, an OB-1 first gen, is crooked and plays awful (and I never really liked anyway). Since I can't seem...
  6. Sensation

    5/16 14 pin - Where to buy?

    Hi guys! I've lost my 5/16 14 pin which I use with a simple drill to clean my shaft. The poor man's lathe. So yeah. Where could I buy that?
  7. Sensation

    Slick sealer.

    Although a lot of brand new shafts feel sticky because of the sealer the makers applied on them, some sealed shafts just feel soooo slick. I'm thinking of Lucasi or even Players, they feel real slick. What kind of sealer should I use to protect my shaft + keep it smooth and slick? P.S.: I know...
  8. Sensation


    Just came back from Buffalo... What a dead city! Just couldn't believe my eyes how few people were there. I asked somepeople if there was a poolhall in this city. Negative answers all over. Did I miss a nice pool spot? Any of you from there?
  9. Sensation

    What kind of cue are you using?

    Sch?n STL 14 with OB-1 shaft.
  10. Sensation

    Alternative to 2000 grit sandpaper

    What can be used and reused in spite of 2000 grit sandpaper? How about this: looks a lot like Q-Wiz... Lapping film Microfinishing film Wetordry polishing papers Flexible Diamond Discs Polishing cloth? What kind? (10 Microns and lower or 1800 grit and higher) <------ tired of sandpapers...
  11. Sensation

    Easy finish (cheap, short time)

    Good easy alternative to finish a cue? I've tried carnauba wax (3 coats) seems to be a good solution: cheap, short to do. Any other input?
  12. Sensation

    Bigger Tip Diameter = More Consitency?

    It sure does! :D And never forget about elasticity of the tip!
  13. Sensation

    Bigger Tip Diameter = More Consitency?

    Sorry to tell you that Wesley, but the blue and red tips have exactly the same shape. There was a better picture somewhere... Here ya go! Origin:
  14. Sensation

    Kicking Academy

    If anyone still have the word or PDF document, I'd be very very VERY interested! :D
  15. Sensation

    Summertime, sticky shaft

    OK! I've just made a research and I've read almost everything concerning shaft sealers and conditionners. In humid conditions, what would you advise to use on the shafts? I tried it all, carnuba wax, sanding sealer, pledge furniture polish, teflon powder spray. The best I've used: slipstic...
  16. Sensation

    What's the "Sputnik" shot???

    I just want to know the shot :confused:
  17. Sensation

    Why is Efren the best?

    Maybe not at his peak anymore but hey! He's still One Pocket champ! SO, why is (was) he the best? -Stroke? (not so sure) -Nerves? (he sure can control'em) -Hours on the table, ?... I think: he has a greater memory than most of all. He is brighter, applies physic's logic instinctively. His...
  18. Sensation

    Videos me vs. The Ghost

    I'd just like to know your opinions on my game. Especially on my stroke. Have a good day! :D Part #1 Part #2 P.S.: Please, don't be shy.
  19. Sensation

    Favorite tables.

    What's your favorite table and why? -Playability -Design
  20. Sensation

    Song in Poolhall Junkies..

    Don't don't don't say nothin'!!!! What is ittt?:confused: