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  1. tony frank


    I recently watched a semi final match between 2 very well known pros in a big bucks 10 ball tourney on one of the many video channels now available. A partial view of an adjacent table also often came into view. One of the features pros was well dressed, however continually displayed an...
  2. tony frank

    Am i nuts - cheap cue is great

    Having played pocket and 3 cushion billiards for many years at a high skill level, I've been searching recently to replace my recently damaged primary cue with that "absolutely perfect once in a lifetime" GEM. After trying all sorts of HD / laminated / standard shafts with 2 different butts that...
  3. tony frank

    WTB Tiger X non LD original shaft

    WTB Original non LD tiger X shaft with Uniloc Radial joint. 12.5 to 13 mm. Everest, Sniper or NO tip. Please PM - Thanks
  4. tony frank

    Slip sliding away

    It appears that in my geographic area the pool game is slowly but surely fading away. No youth = no future. I live in a rural town about 35 miles from the nearest billiard parlor. Many, many more miles in any other direction to any other establishment. That means about $15.00 gasoline, a few...
  5. tony frank

    WTB Tiger X shaft ORIGINAL Issue ?

    WTB Tiger X shaft, radial pin with Moori soft tip preferred. I will change out the tip so no problem with others. Must be straight, true and good condition. Paypal or ?
  6. tony frank

    WTB Dominiac HG shaft

    WTB Dominiak HG uniloc radial pin shaft. Now using d2 and d3 shafts. Would like to try the HG Experiment. Must be straight / vg condition - tip irelevent - will install new. Pay pal or you name it !! OR possible radial pin other brand standard shaft ?
  7. tony frank

    Dominiak weapon of choice !!!

    Recently I purchased an Ultra Pete by William Dominiak to compliment my custom butt / tiger X shaft cue. I was totally amazed at the beauty, workmanship and playability of this cue. After contacting William and discussing his work, I found that he was creating and marketing the Curly Deluxe and...
  8. tony frank

    wtb 314-2 uni loc quick release shaft

    Tip not important, however must be dead straight, uni-loc quick connect, sniper or moori soft tip in good condition OK otherwise I will install my own. Thanks
  9. tony frank

    WTB DZ Dzuricky

    Looking for a DZ. Preferably no wrap, 20 oz sneaky pete or other. PAYPAL Thanks