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  1. batman61554

    Southwest cue banner

    I am currently looking for a Southwest cue banner. I would prefer a banner that is vinyl and something larger than a 20x20. If anyone knows where i can find one please help and thanks. SA
  2. batman61554

    Pechauer WTB

    I am currently looking to buy a Pechauer P02 Pool Cue with Wine Stain. If anyone knows of someone please drop me a line and thanks.
  3. batman61554

    Southwest shaft for sale.

    I have an extra Southwest shaft for sale. This shaft is 13mm and has a slight roll and is priced at $175 shipped inside the US. Thanks
  4. batman61554

    Need help identifying wood on cue.

    I recently purchased this cue and was unsure of the wood type. Looking for expert help on identifying the wood. I think that it might be Indian Rosewood or Macassar ebony. Thanks for all the help in advance. S
  5. batman61554

    Need help identifying this type of wood.

    I have a cue and i am not 100% what type of wood this is and need some help identifying the type. I think it is Pau Ferro or Bolivian Rosewood. Thanks.
  6. batman61554

    FS: SouthWest cue 402 02

    For sale: Southwest cue 402 02 pin number. 6) Points Birdseye Maple into Amaranth Amaranth Butt Sleeve w/ Maple Band (3) Positions - SW Index Rings (PurHrt,Mpl,Blk) The wrap is gray with black speckles. The cue comes with only one shaft and I am not 100% the size of the shaft but i do...
  7. batman61554

    WTB: Justis Cue case

    I am shopping around for a Justis cue case. Please send me pics and prices thanks. 309-696-9555 SA
  8. batman61554

    Southwest with Lakewood shaft

    I wanted to know what people thought about a Southwest with a lakewood shaft? Is it better to shoot with the original shaft or the lakewood shaft? Give me some input and thanks.
  9. batman61554

    Storing Cues and shafts

    I have a few extra cues and shafts that i am not shooting with. Could someone give me some advice on storing them. I currently have them in a cue rack and they are sitting up and together in the basement. Thanks, SA
  10. batman61554

    WTB: Southwest cue

    Looking to buy a Southwest cue. Looking for all kinds please post. You can email me at or calll me at 309-696-9555. Scott