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  1. cueandcushion

    3 One of a Kind Treadway Cues for Christmas

    Wanted to share this in the main forum for anyone that doesnt always check the cue gallery. 3 Custom Treadway Cues for my brothers and I. Klingon theme- 7 pointer Musical Theme Blues Hockey Theme
  2. cueandcushion

    3 One of a Kind Treadway Cues for Christmas

    Each cue was made specifically for my brothers and I. I like Star Trek and got a Klingon Cue. My brother is a hockey fan and got a St. Louis Blues Emblem and my youngest brother is big into music and got a musical cue with the notes to his favorite song in the buttsleeve. Josh Treadway is a...
  3. cueandcushion

    New customers

    I keep hearing so many people claiming all the reasons pool is shrinking. Video games, casinos, no smoking laws, $2 bottled water. I think the reason many people never address is young players. When I started target shooting, it was my dad that taught me. Not the NRA When I started...
  4. cueandcushion

    Billiards Digest

    How bad is pool doing when the Billiards Retailer magazine suggests everyone start selling playground sets?
  5. cueandcushion

    This Room Owners forum is 6 years old.

    Doesnt seem that long. But in other ways it was forever ago. Just six years ago this forum had quite a few posters. The crumbling economy combined with fifty other social behavior changes like video games and casinos and smoking laws and higher rents have all contributed to this place almost...
  6. cueandcushion

    Nicest case Ive ever seen by Phil Eastwood

    Accidently posted this in Main Forum. Sorry bout that. This case was made for Tom Watters of Visit the entire photo album on Photobucket. Link under picture. Link to album->
  7. cueandcushion

    Custom Cue Case by Phil Eastwood

    This case was made by Phil Eastwood for Tom Watters of Link to the entire album is on my photobucket account. Tom asked me to post this. Tom said the case is not currently for sale.
  8. cueandcushion

    Best place for Gold Crown parts?

    Maybe the best website? or just anyone who is reputable and familiar with all the different years of gold crowns. thanks for your help.
  9. cueandcushion

    Aramith Tournament Balls, Anyone using them?

    Aramith claims these balls will leave less white marks on the cloth. Any room owners currently using them? Thinking about trying out a few sets to see if there is a difference.
  10. cueandcushion

    Future of pool.

    Interesting how kids view pool. This is at my pool hall. He was playing pool online instead of on the table because it was easier to make balls online. lol.
  11. cueandcushion

    Cue Collector Show in St. Louis October 8, 2011

    The International Cue Collector Show is in St Louis this year at the Westin St. Louis Hotel on Saturday October 8, 2011 for anyone that is interested. Show is open to the public 1pm to 6pm. Admission $10. I am posting this since I couldnt find any other mention of it. Cue & Cushion is hosting...
  12. cueandcushion

    Trade pool room shirts?

    I have a lot of odds and ends shirts in stock that we have sold over the years. Would any other pool room owners have any interest in trading back and forth? I wear an XL; and have shirts from S to 2XL. So if you want to trade...tell me your size and we can do a swap? Pvt message. Just thought...
  13. cueandcushion

    Sad News - Sports Center in St. Louis closes

    Shocked by this actually. Lots of pool rooms in St. Louis are on their way out but never thought Larry's place would be one of them. Thought they were doing well.
  14. cueandcushion

    New promotion

    I was looking for new promotion ideas for viral marketing etc and some girls came in tonight with our logo painted on as part of their makeup. They all got free pool for thier imagination and effort. Just wanted to show what they did! I always try and give customers some type of bonus when they...
  15. cueandcushion

    St. Louis is now Smoke Free

    So far it has been an interesting ride into a smoke free 2011. A lot more fear and uncertainty that facts were on our minds during 2010. Its only been 6 days but so far we have seen a few regular chain smokers cut their time in our room. But more non smokers have stayed longer for playing pool...
  16. cueandcushion

    Billy Webb Cues

    Some Billy Webb cues available at our store. Come by and check them out if you are in the St. Louis Area. Note: We do NOT do internet or phone sales.
  17. cueandcushion

    Custom Vampire Stake by Jim Buss Custom Cues

    Just got my vampire stake custom made by Jim Buss with Ebony Handle/ Red Heart Stake/ and Silver Cross inlays. [/IMG]
  18. cueandcushion

    Simonis 300 3 Cushion cloth

    We recovered our Heated Soren Sogaard table today with new Simonis 300 cloth for Carom tables. Really makes that ball travel a lot further. Cannot believe the difference. Of course I am not a big 3 Cushion player. But I was impressed as a novice. If youre in the St. Louis area you should come...
  19. cueandcushion

    degree symbol

    Anyone know how to add the degree symbol to wysiwyg editors? &deg &deg ° Alt0176 with number lock on. 98.6°
  20. cueandcushion

    Looking for 3 Cushion Table - St Louis area

    No longer looking at this time.