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  1. Michael-Hoang

    Tom Brooks Custom Case

    I am trying to show off a couple of cases that Tom Brooks made for me. However I don't know how to post pictures.
  2. Michael-Hoang

    Thank You's! And Thank you "Cleary"!!!!!!

    At the Super Billiards Expo, we gave away a large amount of T-Shirts for free at the booth. We had a small box accepting donations for the St. Jude Children's Hospital. Thanks to the generosities of the players there, we were able to raise $203 from the donations. We also pledged 100%...
  3. Michael-Hoang

    Check out these two cues!!!!

    Here are a couple of fanciest Murrell and Manzino cues that I have ever owned. What do you think?
  4. Michael-Hoang

    Fancy Murrell, Manzino and many others

    Here are a couple of fancy Murrell and Manzino cues for sale. I will have these and many, many others such as Balabushka, Tascarella, SW's, Sugartree, Tads, Schick's etc.... for sale at the Super Billiards Expo. Come visit the Omega Billiards Booth.
  5. Michael-Hoang

    HELP: Kenny Murrell Phone #

    Guys, I need help in getting in touch with Kenny. My number for him is not in service: 850-871-0723. Please PM me. Thanks, Mike.
  6. Michael-Hoang

    AZB Room at the Derby

    Is this tradition still a possibility? I haven't heard anything about it.
  7. Michael-Hoang

    3-cushion bug

    I just caught a 3-cushion bug. :eek: It's taking so much time away from my work. Who are the top 3 players right now? I know the USBA is still conducting tournaments. But what about on a worldwide stage? Are there still world tournaments?
  8. Michael-Hoang

    Peterson, Hercek, Mobley, JossWest, Hercek, Gracio

    Here are some pictures of a few cues for you guys to enjoy. These cues are NOT FOR SALE. Edit: the second cue is a Hercek/Rubino.
  9. Michael-Hoang

    ***Employment Opportunity: Retails Operation Manager***

    Just in case there's a member here who qualifies and wants new challenges, I am happy to let everyone knows that we are looking to hire a Retail Manager for our Retails Operation. This position is available immediately. If you are interested, email me your resume (PM me for my email address)...
  10. Michael-Hoang

    "The Best Damn Pool Instruction Book, Period!" by Ron Schneider

    Anyone knows how to contact Ron? Please PM me his phone number, or have him call me. I lost his phone number. Last I know, he lives in Orange County. Thank you. Happy New Year.
  11. Michael-Hoang

    BLUE GRASS: RICHARD HARRIS *** One Of A Kind Scrimshaw Ivory***

    Available is another rare find, One-Of-A-Kind Richard Harris Blue Grass Cue. The cue features a Gaboon Ebony nose with 6 Snakewood points. The Ebony butt sleeve features large blocks of scrimshawed Ivory, separated by long Snakewood rectangles. Solid Ivory joint and 2 Ivory ferrules shafts...
  12. Michael-Hoang

    PAUL MOTTEY: ****One of A Kind****

    For sale is a One Of A Kind Paul Mottey, just completely restored by James White. The cue has 4 huge Ivory points, 2 shafts, a nice smooth leather wrap. Specs will be added later on tonight. PM for a cash price. Trades are welcome. This cue and other cues will be at our booth, Omega, at...
  13. Michael-Hoang

    FS: >>>>> Barry Szamboti Cue <<<<<<<

    For sale is a Barry Szamboti cue with lots of Ivory inlays. I am asking for $12.6K. Would consider trades for the right cues. I want to offer AZB a look at this cue first before selling it at the Derby. I will post specs later. Happy Holidays!!!! This cue and many other nice cues will be...
  14. Michael-Hoang

    ****$15,000.00*** SCHON Ivory Cue

    For sale is a One Of A Kind Schon Cue. It has Ivory, Ivory, Ivory and more Ivory. Everything white is Ivory, except the butt cap. I just can't describe this cue, perhaps someone else can try to describe it. Did I mention that the cue has Ivory? This cue is appraised by Evan Clarke for...
  15. Michael-Hoang

    WTB: 1 Diamond 9' and 1 Diamond 7'

    I am in the market for a Diamond 9' and a Diamond 7' for my pro shop in Hurst, TX (Dallas/Fort Worth/ Arlington). PM me of what you have. Thanks.
  16. Michael-Hoang

    >>>> *** Black Boar *** 8 pointers

    For sale is a fantastic Black Boar 8 pointer. Tony only makes a few of these a year. The cue is in MINT, original contition. Asking $11.4K. Feel free to PM me any questions. I would consider partial trade from top tier cuemakers. Happy Holidays!!!! This cue and many other nice cues will be...
  17. Michael-Hoang

    >>> SEARING: Gold/Ivory for sale!!!!!

    Off market for now as a few serious buyers are interested. In the rare chance none of them comes through, I will have it at the Derby.
  18. Michael-Hoang

    ** South West ** A few SouthWest cues available

  19. Michael-Hoang

    Monster TASCARELLA & "Tasca-Bushka" cues

  20. Michael-Hoang

    Jeanette Lee

    I lost Jeanette Lee's cell phone number in the old phone. If anyone knows how to get in touch with her, or her business manager, please PM me their contact information, or have them contact me. Thank you.