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    How many Cues do you own today

    TOOMANYCUES... no such thing! My problem is I keep upgrading to higher end customs but forget to sell the previous cues. Then there's the issue of shafts. Let's see... there's low deflection, ultra low deflection, old wood, kielwood, carbon fiber, someone else's carbon fiber, break shafts...
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    Doc Frye Pool Cues

    Just noticed your post from July 2017. Have to disagree with you regarding your ebony "Doc Frye" cue. I believe it's a Rich Stingray Jet. I've got one... NOS, never chalked. Check cue "F" in the attached catalog pics. (I believe the inked in number are the original retail prices!)
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    What does pumping the cue over and over up in the air before their shot do for the pros?

    Yes, pool instructors do teach this. It's a method of vusialistion. See the shot in your mind... Imagine the proper stroke speed... Step onto the shot and hit through your pre shot routine. Regardless if skill level it's never too late (or early) to learn good habits. A BCA Master Instructor...
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    What does pumping the cue over and over up in the air before their shot do for the pros?

    Why do baseball, golf tennis, racket ball, ping pong and other players take warmup strokes? Why do basketball players dribble the ball while staring at the hoop? Why do you take warm up strokes before tossing a wad of paper in a trash can? It's all about wrapping your head around what you're...
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    Cue Shaft Wax - Will good old car wax work

    Ditto on Renaissance Micro-Crystalline Wax Polish. If it's good enough for HM The Queen, it's good enough for me. I put that sh*t on everything!
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    Sharp points???

    Here's another technique that hasn't been mentioned... Ghost points. This is a '90s cue done by the late Perry Weston. The points are sterling silver inlays with turquoise accents, as are the chain rings. As I understand, he did a series of sliver cues, (don't know how many) each one being...
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    Best Fancy Ivory Looking Points into Ebony

    Still available?
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    Collector Cues - Do you play with them or not

    Cues, like cars can be restored or repaired, so by all means use them! Two of my cues that I regularly use for league play are a 60's/70's vintage Rich ebony Starefire Jet and a 3rd catalog Palmer ebony/mother of pearl Model 17. I use a Jacoby Black carbon fibre shaft on each cue and the...
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    WTB Palmer Model 17

    WTB Palmer model 17, 3rd catalog solid ebony with mother of pearl dots and diamonds. Prefer a cue in overall good condition but will settle for a restorable butt. No shafts, no wrap... no problem. Might even consider a basket case. Thanks George