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    Predator Arcadia CenTex Pool Tour.

    We will be Live Streaming the 2nd Stop of the New Predator Arcadia CenTex Pool Tour this weekend. Come check out the action if you can. Hope to see you there.
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    The Vault Monday Night BCA 8 ball tournament.

    We are live streaming from The Vault tonight. BCA 8 Ball.
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    Free live stream tonight on the Backwards Billiards Youtube channel.

    Backwards Billiards is up and live streaming again after our break. We are streaming BCA 8 Ball tonight.
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    Backwards Billiards Youtube live streaming

    I am glad to see an area here for live streams. We are a small youtube channel that live streams local tournaments and posts billiards videos. We grew from 73 to 1050 subscribers in 2020. Our first live stream was in November. We were just creating videos before that. We have been...
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    JB ultrapad 2x4 replacement for Justis prolite

    I have a friend that is looking for 1 hopefully 2 JB ultrapad interior upgrades for his 2x4 Justis Prolite cases. I am doing this because of all the drama on here and he did not want to be harassed. So if anyone has any they would like to sell please message me. Thank you and have a great day.