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    Bar table Straight Pool 9.1

    last ball always stays on the table, so each rack is only 9 balls.
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    Sneaky Pete Cues ……

    I'm a big fan of sneakies because I don't like wraps and I like the simple style of them. They are also usually a good way to get a nice hitting cue for less price. I see both sides of things, but would think making a run of sneakies would be profitable to most cue makers.
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    Annapolis, MD

    I believe bankshots has a Friday night tournament. If you were down south more like jasonlaus, Action Lounge and Billiards in Leonardtown has a tournament every Thursday night and Saturday night.
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    SHARKS “Internationals v Philippines” Series- SVB, Chang JL, Appleton take on Philippines (From 8 Sep)

    One of the streams I saw had them answer this question. They said Sharks is just at a broadcasting station and is not a pool hall or anything like that. It's just this one table set up.
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    I think the time in between racks is a little too long, but other than that I have been enjoying Sharks.
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    Free Superbowl Raffle

    33 please. sorry about the double pick last time
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    Free Superbowl Raffle

    51 please
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    Eye glasses for pool

    there is a bit more to pool glasses than just having a big frame. you also need to move the focal point of the lens up to where you will be looking at down on a shot. otherwise you will get a prism effect the farther you get from the optical center of the lens. I would say that technically...
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    Ivory spelling?

    It's got to do with the laws of selling it. EDIT AFTER A QUICK GOOGLE>...
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    2022 DCC Discussion Thread

    and suddenly yours is numbered 3 lol
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    nope, 9 foot gold crown
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    The Legendary Pearl to Take On 14.1 Attempts

    he's here to play today!
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    The Legendary Pearl to Take On 14.1 Attempts

    what time is he going to start giving it a go today?
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    Is Schmidt's and charlie 626 Legit

    theoretically, someone sets up a camera on their basement table, runs 900, and uploads the recording, will it still be disputed in such a way?
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    The Legendary Pearl to Take On 14.1 Attempts

    anyone know what time earl is resuming today?
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    The Legendary Pearl to Take On 14.1 Attempts

    The point I'm trying to make is it's dumb that there is such animosity between those hosting this and Schmidt. It's just stupid. Show up, run balls and that's what it is. Why do people care so much.
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    The Legendary Pearl to Take On 14.1 Attempts

    I get it, but at this point I feel like everyone is being childish about everything involved with this. All I'm trying to say is you would think a bunch of adults would be better than this.
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    The Legendary Pearl to Take On 14.1 Attempts

    Why do people make it seem like schmidt was having an event? he literally just tried to beat the record a bunch... sounds like "this is our playground and you can't play in it" preschool politics happening. but whatever, I'm still gonna watch and don't care either way. It just looks a bit childish.